Misconceptions About AMP Every Business in UAE Should Know About

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Over 75 % of users leave a website that takes longer than 5 seconds to load. This not only affects people trying to access information online but also negatively impacts the growth of businesses, deteriorating their position as a brand and consequently declining their revenues.

As smart devices are progressing to transform the way people access information, the ratio of people using mobile has grown to be significantly higher as compared to desktop. To streamline the user’s experience, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web.

Initially launched on 24th Feb, 2016, AMP was designed as an open standard for any website to load pages quickly on mobile devices. With the objective of making sites faster and beautiful on every screen resolution, AMP has digitally empowered tens of millions of domains globally. It essentially centers on a minimalist approach for web development to allow for greater page speed.

Just as any other HTML page, Accelerated Mobile Pages work the same but with a limited set of allowed technical functionality pared down to the bare minimum to benefit from structural approaches that augment speed and create a more favorable experience.

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With AMP, the website’s content gets hosted on Google’s servers which allows it to promote better-performing pages and enables better rankings of sites due to priority given in the search results.

Since it is a new technology in the web development space of UAE, AMP is surrounded by a few misconceptions thus preventing businesses to take full advantage of it.

So, to uncover the facts behind the myths let’s dig down deep into Accelerated Mobile Pages.

1. MYTH: AMP Has Visual Design Limitations

FACT: AMP components support design customization and interactive experiences. Owing to these new components, global leaders such as BMW and AliExpress have built great experiences on AMP.

2. MYTH: AMP Only Supports Mobile

FACT: AMP is responsive by nature and works across all screen sizes and resolutions.

3. MYTH: AMP is Solely a Google Project

FACT: AMP is an open-source technology where third parties such as companies and members from the digital space can contribute. Over the past 3 years, AMP has received numerous contributions from over 800 contributors, 78% of whom were people outside of Google.

4. MYTH: AMP Doesn’t Suit All Business Types

FACT: It can cater to nearly every type of business. More than half of the search clicks from AMP pages go to non-news sites. Leveraging AMP, e-commerce businesses can enjoy faster load time, seamless path to conversion, reduced bounce rates and decreased mobile acquisition costs.

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5. MYTH: AMP Is Only Accessible with Google

FACT: AMP pages can be accessed across the web regardless of distribution platform i.e. search engines and devices.

6. MYTH: Every AMP Page Has a Corresponding Non-AMP Version

FACT: An AMP version page can be associated with a non-AMP variant, but it’s not a requisite. A business may have both non-AMP and AMP versions of the same page.

5. MYTH: Developing AMP Landing Pages Takes Ages

FACT: Top tier web development companies in Dubai such as BCM typically takes a week or two to build AMP variants of landing pages for the majority of page types.

Should Businesses in UAE Even Care About AMP?

AMP ensures customer satisfaction as it allows users to interact with your content on mobile devices. Transiting to AMP also gives businesses a competitive advantage in terms of SERPs due to Google’s mobile-first index.

How the World’s Top Businesses Are Ensuring Growth with AMP?

Twitter Case Study: - Experienced a 10% decrease in bounce rate on AMP pages compared to non-AMP ones.

Myntra Case Study: - Implemented AMP across high traffic pages and experienced a 65% reduction in load time and 40% decreased in bounce rate.

Event Tickets Center Case Study: -  Implemented AMP on 99.9% of all their pages & experienced a 10% decrease in bounce rate, 13% more sessions, 30% increased conversions across mobile campaigns and a 5x faster load time.  

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Why Choose BCM as Your Web Development Service Provider?

BCM is amongst the top website development agencies in Dubai that have expertise in implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages. Specializing in converting traditional e-commerce and enterprise sites into seamless mobile experiences, we stand firm to our commitment of serving you as your “Business Growth Partners”.

To take full advantage of blazing fast speed with rich functionality while keeping your existing IT infrastructure, transit to AMP at the earliest to lower bounce rates, drive user engagement, increase customer retention and deliver an unappalled experience.

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Originally Published October 15, 2019 04:39 PM, Updated October 31, 2019.

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