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Logo Development

A well-designed logo establishes your company’s identity and attitude. As illustrated above, your logo must communicate the correct message. Is your company fun and hip? Or is it serious and sophisticated? If you’re not clear on your message, then your logo won’t serve its purpose.

Branding Identity

Because familiarity leads to choice, you need to create an identity that is instantly recognizable and likeable by your audience. With consistent, persistent and carefully delivered branding, your presence will increase the likeability of your brand, so it becomes an unconscious choice for customers looking for what you offer.

Increased Impact

Make the impact you want by investing in quality branding so you can reach the next level, above standard companies in your industry. We’re the full-service branding company who understands how to increase your impact, so we help you define a unique brand voice with strong, story-driven communication.

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Brand Strategy

Our expert branding team helps develop the perfect strategy for you to create and promote a brand identity that is different from your competition, after identifying your goals. We help you strategize how to position your brand for maximum visibility and increased credibility. Once we’ve explored your brand perceptions and identified opportunities for growth, we create an effective brand strategy that is specific to your needs.

Logo & Brand Development

We deliver comprehensive brand development service starting with a simple, creative logo based on your brand identity, color psychology and design theory. We also develop your visual identity and an impressive tagline that makes you stand out, along with all the elements required to communicate your story to your audience in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Brand Guideline

Design detailed guidelines for online business communication and print collateral. We create a brand book that is essential to help you communicate your brand consistently. This document features the brand style, voice, the company’s background, and your brand’s positions. These guidelines help your marketing, design, and advertising teams represent your brand across all your communication channels.

Packaging & Product Design

Design is an integral part of our branding services, which is why you can trust us with your packaging and labeling requirements. We develop creative and useful designs while keeping the comfort of your users in mind, and combining that with your branding strategy, product differentiation, and enhanced usability. Because packaging affects your brand image we make sure to design impressive packaging that motivates people to buy and talk about your products.

Brand Assets

We create an all-round mix of brand assets that enhance your broad visual experience. This is why we create all elements such as typography, CSS, photography, iconography, motion photography, patterns, printable documents etc. We create original content worthy of your brand, engage audiences with branded video, copywriting, and other deliverable brand assets from our production team.

Brand Activation & Promotion

To increase Brand Engagement, we design a comprehensive strategy to promote your brand with marketing, advertising, and various activation strategies. Through immersive experiences that showcase your brand on popular platforms and locations, we develop ongoing and consistent marketing and communication efforts to ensure that your brand is well positioned in the minds of your core audience and within your industry.

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"We were really worried about letting an external agency develop our brand identity that would be the core of our business, but Bester Capital Media’s expert branding team put all our efforts to rest because of the success of this project and the lifetime partnership we’ve developed with the BCM team."


Dubai Cosmetic Service, General Manager

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