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We’ve helped more than 200 companies exponentially grow their business with highly successful pay per click advertising campaigns. Our team always delivers intelligently customized SEM and PPC Advertising services with proven-to-convert ads. Our Bing and Google Ads management services include paid search, video and responsive display ads. Let us help you get the ROI you deserve!


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We’re experts in delivering SEM and PPC Advertising services with proven-to-convert ads. Our Bing and Google Ads management services include paid search, video and responsive display ads.

Landing Page Design

To create a high-quality ad that wins each bid every time, you need a highly optimized, creative, and useful landing page. We create the best landing pages with in-built lead capturing technology so your money spent is never a waste even if clients don’t make a purchase.


Individuals who have already shown interest in what you provide are most likely to convert if reminded about your services after they’ve left your site. We create remarketing tags so you can optimize your remarketing campaigns.

In-Market Targeting

We help you reach exactly the people who will most likely convert because of their interests, shopping history, and life events. Our expert PPC management experts creates targeted campaigns so you spend money where you get the most results.

Video Ads

Along with being a full-service digital advertising & PPC management agency, we also have an in-house video ad creation team that produces high-quality videos for you bumper ads, in-stream ads, and video discovery ads. Moreover, our video production team works in close coordination with our Google Adwords Management team to create optimized campaign ads.

Optimized Search Ads

Paid search click rates are increasing by the day, which means you’re missing out if you don’t make the most of Paid Search traffic. Our Ads management team helps you optimize your keywords and write quality ad copy so that your search ads get maximum, relevant clicks.

Google Shopping Campaigns

We create your product feeds so you can set up your shopping campaigns in just a few clicks. Our PPC Ads management team helps you deliver highly optimized, engaging, and profitable shopping campaigns so you can reach customers looking for the specific product you offer.

Responsive Display Campaigns

Responsive display ads deliver endless opportunities to advertise on all relevant platforms. Without having to worry about limited placements or manually creating dozens of versions for your ads, responsive ads automatically adjust to any size to get you the customers you deserve.

KPI and Analytics

We make sure you don’t spend a single penny without knowing what you’ll get as a result. This is why we set up proper tracking to measure the KPIs that are most important for your business. We make sure you can measure everything you value for your business.

Maximum ROI

We respect the budget we're managing on your behalf. Our efforts affect you and your team’s profit, so we take this responsibility very seriously. As your AdWords management company, we work alongside you to deliver the best performing ads so you can achieve maximum ROI.

Transparency & Commitment

We're dedicated to the success of your campaigns, which is why we send interactive, organized reports weekly, as well as make regular calls to discuss ongoing strategy. These sincere efforts have helped us earn the valuable trust of our esteemed clients making BCM a reliable name in digital marketing and a prominent SEM company in UAE. We do our best to make our partnership a success story.


We’re the only PPC management company that respects your business needs more than our PPC management processes. Because you know your business better than we do, we collaborate with clients to create the best-performing ads.


"We've been working with BCM for 3 years and counting. We came to them after a terrible experience and they not only optimized our Ads account, they helped us gain unimaginable revenue by defeating our competition in every single paid search ads campaign."


AAA Rent a Car, CEO

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