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Bester Capital Media manages your event planning, executing, marketing, and advertising budgets to effectively deliver an experience for your attendees, so they build lifelong relationship with your business. We help you engage with the targeted market through a wide variety of channels for all your events, including launch events, corporate seminars, family events, and entertainment shows. Our event management team creates an elevated experience for a well planned and executed event, where you win the opportunity to convert your attendees to spend a measurable ROI.

Launch Events

Create the best first impression with a well-planned product or service launch. Launch events are essential to introduce your new offer to investors and other partners. We help you create the buzz required to bring in the audience you need for you launch event, as well as the entire event’s PR, advertising, and marketing on social media.

Corporate Seminars & Conferences

Even in this highly digital communications environment, B2B organizations still benefit the most from corporate events and seminars because people buy from people. We help you with high quality, face-to-face communication with your prospects that improves your branding and provides an incentive to attendees, so they’re more willing to buy what you offer.

Fashion & Entertainment Shows

Plan your next fashion and entertainment show with us to experience innovative technology and design, creating the perfect balance to attract and convert your prospective audience. Whether it’s a global event or a local show, we guarantee your satisfaction while you create lasting impressions.

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Our event management team is highly experienced in delivering event management services that help you achieve your goals. We create a custom solution for each client and provide end-to-end professional event management and marketing.

Event Planning

Effective events begin with a carefully-designed and guest-centered approach that reflects your company’s values and objectives. BCM’s event design experts help you design experiences that engage your attendees and gives them incentives to partner with you.

Demand Generation & Sponsorship

As an Inbound Marketing agency, we utilize a combination of marketing programs that get your prospects excited about your event. We help you reach your desired market, increase your sponsorship opportunities, build consumer buzz, and more, so you can build and nurture key prospects for the long term.

Modern Event Décor

We design your events in the most impactful setting that reflects your event’s theme, mood, and style. Bester Capital Media incorporates your unique branding in a way that evokes the appropriate engagement for any occasion.

Event Execution

We integrate the latest technology to execute the event that you carefully plan with us. From catering, to red carpet services, to capturing photo and video content at the event, we manage everything from live marketing to guest requirements, as well as gathering all the necessary insights to monitor your event.

Event Technology

Bester Capital Media is best known for incorporating AI and Machine Learning to help you market your offerings and capture the attention of your audience. With geo-tags, wearable technology, and event app that includes content libraries and FAQs, your attendees will receive the most relevant personal communication as they navigate the event.

3D Modeling

Bester Capital Media helps you create 3D models for your products so you can showcase your product design to outshine your competition. We utilize latest software to produce 3D solid CAD models, detail 2D drawings, and other modeling services that will help you achieve success.

Event Advertising

Not many people buy tickets the first time they see an ad. They take time to research, discuss with friends, and check their calendars. We combine all possible advertising and remarketing campaigns so your attendees see personalized ticket prices and offers during each stage of decision making process.

Event Direct Marketing

We help you send direct messages about your event to your desired attendees using email, SMS and WhatsApp Marketing. We design measurable, convincing email and mobile messages campaigns that are instrumental in making your event a success.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Social media plays the biggest role in making your event a success, but requires personal communication instead of boring promotional jargon. We help you create an impact with creative messages and methods to reach your audience live. We also help with social media walls so your event’s live tweets and social engagement is visible to the entire venue.


We plan all your multimedia requirements, including mobile marketing, photo, video and file sharing, live casting and podcasting, and more. Our team of experts identify the latest trends and customize the multimedia-based solution most relevant to your needs so you can connect with your audience.

Event PR

Need to elevate your event for the best exposure? Being in the news for successes and using the most appropriate influencers as guests is one of the biggest ways to create awareness about your event. We reach your consumer with continuous updates about the event using the most engaging PR platforms to help you create the desired impact on your audience.

Data Insights and Monitoring

We make sure that your data measurement is consistently being updated at each stage of the event’s planning and execution so you can gather insights and tailor future communication and future events.

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"BCM’s team did an outstanding job making our Annual celebration absolutely spectacular. From all the prospecting, decor, catering, and technology perks, you make the event an absolute success and a memorable experience for everyone who came."

Adbullah Al Jarwan

Khalifa Funds, Innovation & Special Projects

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