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Unlimited Creativity

Clients see your creative effort to make buying easy for them and differentiating yourself as a positive indicator to choose your offerings above the rest. This is why you should use animation video production to spare them from reading what you’re trying to communicate. Animated video showcases your company’s creativity, dedication, and willingness to invest in engaging content that increases visitor interaction with your offerings and adds value to your message.

Easy Communication

When you’re able to communicate easily with your audience through animated videos, your bounce rates reduce and visitors are able to engage with your content. To increase conversions and improve client retention, we help you create animated videos that simply and easily educate or explain your product, service, and other ideas in a manner inducing positive response.

Brand Recognition

Search engines love video, so if you want your brand recognized, make use of video results in Google searches. Deliver creative, convincing animations for data visualizations, ads, videos, social media posts, corporate presentations, and more. We make sure you’re well equipped to impress your audience and create a memorable, lasting impression every time your audience interacts with your animated content.

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3D Animation

Create professional 3D animations of your products and architectural designs with expert cuts and edits for a comprehensive video walkthrough of your 3D rendered model. We help you tell the story of your project in a high quality and detailed sampling of your products that is sure to impress and leave lasting impressions on your audience.

Animation Showreel

Showreels are one of the most creative methods of communication even within the animated business video category. We produce excellent corporate and commercial animation showreels that help you attract the attention of potential clients, sponsors, agencies, etc. Our showreel animation production team includes designers and animators that produce compelling characters and abstract shapes to tell your story.

Animated Explainer Videos

Even the best product ideas need to be explained, so we make sure to deliver whenever you need professional animated explainer video production. We help you explain your product, app, service or tool using animated explainer videos for a clear, concise message. Animated explainer videos increase engagement, are highly shareable, and guarantee sales that make the selling part easier for your sales team.

Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard explainer video is a series of hand-drawn images captured live, which we speed up to match the narration audio. We help you create whiteboard animation to explain any concept you wish to communicate and increasing customer engagement because it’s different from the thousands of similar-looking videos available. Whiteboard animation videos are very compelling to watch and are the perfect way to explain your business strategy, educate the audience, explain a product, and more.

Motion Graphics

You need to capture attention while differentiating yourself from other videos that try to explain a similar idea. Stop motion animations and motion graphic videos are a fun, attention-grabbing method to tell a story about your product or service. With motion graphic video production, you can animate still images of objects that are moved in small intervals, creating highly shareable content for mobile apps, software, social media posts, etc.

Flash Animation

Create flash animated characters and produce stories as series or shorts, to convey a clear and creative message to your audience. We create flash animation graphics for educational and engaging purposes, both for the business and entertainment sector. Our dedicated team of concept strategists, illustrators, script writers, directors, and animators have helped dozens of businesses elevate themselves by producing content in Arabic and English.

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"We’re really impressed with the level of detail and commitment that BCM’s team has shown during this project. They can totally outperform and do great things for the most difficult scenarios to explain through animation. I’m glad we chose them because their creativity ranks them above most animation video companies in UAE. "

Dr. Faouzi Al Safadi

Dubai Hospital, Head Surgeon

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