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The creative agency working on RTA’s account got in touch with several commercial directors in the market, who could potentially meet the challenge. Finally after going through several options, they selected the commercial ad production unit of Bester Capital Media (formerly known as ESS). Our commercial production team not only was up to the challenge in meeting the strict deadline of directing, shooting and editing the commercial for TV and social media, but also satisfied the RTA brand team and their creative agency in terms of the required production values and all within their specified budget despite the urgency of their requirement.

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Two-fold challenge

Bester Capital Media’s production unit, not only met the deadline of shooting, editing and delivering the commercial in 2 days to go live on social media and TV for RTA but also did so within the given budget and exactly to the standards required by the RTA brand team and their creative agency.

Brand Awareness:


Success Achieved

RTA was able to successfully launch its campaign for Flag Day and create awareness online and through TV for the national celebration. The video was watched and liked by thousands of people on RTA’s social media channels before Flag Day, spreading awareness and motivating the people in the UAE to participate in their national duty.

Subscribers Growth:


High quality Flag Day commercial

That met the demanding standards of RTA



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