As the leading Advertising Agency in UAE, Bester Capital Media helps organizations create a long-lasting Brand Image in the subconscious minds of their target audience, with the help of the most suitable Marketing Strategy.


Why is implementation of a long-term Marketing Strategy important for your organization’s growth?

Marketing Strategies are the foundation of an organization. A long-term and effective Marketing Strategy can take a brand from the beginner to maturity level in no time. Build a strong Brand Equity and Business Identity through a road map created by our expert Strategists. Many business owners haven’t discovered the true importance of strategic marketing campaigns.

Why do most small businesses fail? Why do 50% of companies fail after 5 years??

Remember that common saying? Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you fail to recognize the importance of a digital marketing strategy and don’t fully integrate digital marketing into your marketing plan, then these will be the consequences:

  • Losing out to competitors.

  • Losing market share to existing and start up competitors.

  • Gaining and retaining fewer customers.

  • Missing out on opportunities for better targeting and optimization.

  • Lack of planning often leads to suboptimal execution. This means that competitors will pose more of a threat, filling in the gaps of the lackluster service you offer.

Product Development Strategy

With our unparalleled understanding of different target markets and thorough competitor research, we provide comprehensive business strategy services to brands based on developing new products or modifying existing products so they appear new, catering to current or new markets. These strategies typically come about when there is little to no opportunity for new growth in a company’s current market. Based on Marketing Audit, Consumer Insights and Gap Analysis, we create strategies based on three choices: create an updated product for a current product in a current market, enhance an existing product for a new market, or simply move away from the product altogether, and cease growth.

Brand Positioning Strategy

Designing the company’s offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. Brand positioning strategies are directly linked to consumer loyalty, consumer-based brand equity and the willingness to purchase the brand. Effective brand positioning can be referred as the extent to which a brand is perceived as favorable, different and credible in consumers’ minds.

Red Ocean Strategy

Regardless if you are a startup looking to capture your share in a cutthroat industry or an established company that wants to grow and outperform its competitors, Bester Capital Media is one place that ensures you don’t settle for anything less than the best. As an industry leader, we offer multifaceted marketing strategy formulation services in Dubai and ensure that our performance reflects in your growth charts. We devise a Strategy based on how to compete in existing market space, how to beat the competition, whether to choose differentiation or low cost, creating competitive advantage, segmenting existing customers and ways to exploit existing demand

Blue Ocean Strategy

As a company that is looking to capitalize on the unexplored arenas of business with their unique product or ideas, you need someone that doesn’t just market your creation but also believes in it and creates its demand while making the competition irrelevant. Here at Bester Capital Media, we do just that. From formulating new rules to stretching boundaries, we are bold enough to take on any challenges.

Branding Strategies

Includes Brand Architecture, Brand Awareness, Brand Experience, Brand Extension, Brand Identity, Brand Image, Brand Positioning, Branding Concepts, Co-Branding, Logo Design, Naming Strategy, Re-Branding.

Brand Health Analysis

There are multiple methods of brand health analysis. Each includes an investigation of activities and approaches to determine how effective your brand has been in the past and how it’s performing currently. It helps you plan your growth and a means to plan how you will achieve your aims.

In-Depth Marketing Audit

Consumer Insights:

Primary Research via Questionnaires, Focus Groups, Interviews with the target audience and converting the collected data into statistical inferences.

Wholesaler/Retailer Insights:

Primary Research via Questionnaires, Focus Groups, Interviews with the sales team and store managers and converting the collected data into statistical inferences.

Competitors’ Analysis:

Secondary Research on marketing activities of Direct and Indirect Competitors. The analysis consists of Advertising, Communication Tools, Media Buying, Seasonality, etc.

Marketing Mix Analysis:

In-Depth Audit of Product, Pricing Strategy, Placement Strategy, Promotional Strategy, Process, Physical Evidence, People and Probe.

Internal & External Analysis

Brand Pyramid & Map, Key Messages, SWOT Analysis, Product Life Cycle, PESTEL Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Model, and Industry Analysis.

Gap Analysis:

Identifying the gap in market based on the existing or new needs, wants and desires of the target audience.

Product Analysis:

Analysis on Product Category, USP, Packaging, Labeling, SKUs, transformations, etc.

Global Industry Statistics & Market Share

Evaluating global market share, industry growth and overview of global industry leaders.

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Benefits of implementing Marketing Strategies with Bester Capital Media

Increased Visibility

Successful marketing campaigns are built on visibility. If you pour all your marketing dollars into developing just one component, you’re likely overlooking potential customers. Your brochure may be great, but if half of your audience is all about digital, you’ve missed the opportunity to connect with those customers. We are privileged to be one of the leading brand strategy agencies in Dubai and we have a reputation of keeping our clients’ best interests at heart.

Improved Efficiency

Even one marketing tool requires an investment in message development, design, photography, project management, and more. Get more out of your budget by leveraging parts of one project across multiple platforms.

Consistent Branding

When materials are produced on a piecemeal basis, it’s easy to lose consistency in your brand, messaging, and design—especially if you rely on different vendors to produce the materials. The result? A mix of marketing components that don’t play well together. With an integrated marketing Strategy, each component aligns with your business goals. Even if your budget allows you to produce only a few components at a time, you’ll steadily build an inventory of tools that reinforce a consistent brand message.

Measurable Results

Information is vital to successful marketing. Without specifying the goals for a marketing outreach, measuring the response to a particular message, and analyzing what is and what’s not working for you, you’re not going to know what to do the next time—or the next. Only an experienced marketing strategy company can help you direct your valuable resources towards your growth goals. By investing the time to create a marketing plan, you’ll have a roadmap for your activities that will help keep your brand intact, your messaging on target, and your goals within reach.

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