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We have specialized experience across all industries.

When it’s about your organization and industry, you’re the expert and your clients depend on you for professional insights. But you realize that long-term ROI and growth are only possible with powerful marketing, advertising, and branding strategy. Our experience puts us at the top of the list as a full-service digital media agency in UAE, with our 18+ years of successful advertising, social media, web development and video production services.

We serve small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises in order to help them grow with any possible channel and a customized strategy to maximize profits for their business. BCM is the only Digital Marketing Agency that has experience serving businesses in all possible industries, which is why we’ve developed best practices and optimized strategy to deliver the best solutions to each industry:


Your website is usually the first impression of your business and the platform to providing useful and easy experience for converting visitors to leads and customers. We help you make lasting impressions.

Education & Finance

With powerful data-driven growth strategy, you gain analytics for measuring the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns, which help you establish future goals.

Information Technology (IT)

Our expert content marketing and advertising services help you attract, engage, nurture, and convert leads with customized messages tailored for customer persona and sales funnel position.

Law Firms

Long-gone are the days when people used a Yellow Pages directory to find expert legal advice. BCM helps you reach your ideal customers as soon as they begin their online search for the services you offer.

News, Fashion & Entertainment

Selling news, fashion, and entertainment content requires tapping into the interests of consumers and generate social conversations. We help you reach a wide audience with tailored messages.

Real Estate

With our video production, advertising, and social media marketing, you’re equipped with compelling content that positions you as a trustworthy organization that helps clients make confident choices.


Promoting your message with billboards, and newspaper ads, and radio spots, combined with digital marketing and advertising helps you increase brand awareness and sales to achieve long-term goals.


As a healthcare institution, your primary goal is to help patients, but you’ll need us to stay focused on the growth of your organization.

Retail & Manufacturing

Developing customer personas is essential, as it helps you design your products, produce the right quantity, and price them according to market demands.

Tourism & Transportation

Videos, ads, and social media outreach, as well as innovative technology solutions are necessary tools that help you attract attention and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Professional and B2B

Through your website and social media blogs, videos, online advertising, and events, you gain the visibility and trust required for professional and B2B services.


Our innovative technology solutions facilitated multilingual voice and chat support to provide improved customer service with information accuracy, updated knowledge base, and information security.

Event Management

We help all your event management and marketing efforts including automated emails, surveys, optimized market insight, personalized solutions, and ROI prediction.

Nonprofits & Government

Because all your efforts depend on open communication with the community to understand their needs and offering the right solutions, we ensure that your messages are timely and relevant to your audience.

Food & Hospitality

The internet and digital communication has changed the way consumers research their food and hospitality needs to find exciting options, which is why you need our expert digital media solutions.
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