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Programmatic advertising is proving to be one of the most effective ways to market yourself online because it delivers the right message to the right person at the right time. With split-second real-time bidding, customers are able to see exactly what they’re interested in, saving time and money on behalf of the advertisers. Our expert programmatic team combines intelligent targeting with relevant available data to reach the right user, on the right device, at the right time.


Programmatic ads provide more transparency and visibility so you have full knowledge of the placement of your data, and how your ad was shown and composed. This lets you make smarter, more informed decisions so you can optimize your ad buying.

Advanced Targeting

Programmatic advertising is highly relevant and advantageous because it gives you access to sites beyond the overused channels so you can reach your choice of audience that your competitors are unable to reach. This form of advertising saves you money by only showing your ads to the most relevant audience in a world of hyper, disruptive advertising.

Measurable ROI

The biggest advantage of programmatic advertising is that its ROI is measurable so you can optimize and adjust your budgets according to your goals. We measure the analytical results of your Programmatic advertising campaigns to constantly review your ads so they’re highly relevant, while your costs remain as low as possible.

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We manage your programmatic advertising through real time bidding for optimal results, using our expertise in AI and Data Science. We give you maximum control to reach the audience of your choice and cut digital advertising costs.

Audience Segmentation & Discovery

Connect with billions of online users and target your social ads audience by location, age and topics of interest .advanced segmentation with demographic data, such as age, gender and social positioning Through analysis of site/app activity, we help you learn who your best customers and prospects are to help inform targeting and messaging strategies.

Full-Service Programmatic Display Advertising

We work with your team to setup the entire process for your customized programmatic ads campaign. We start with setting goals and defining objectives, choosing your DSP that best fits your campaign, then setting your real-time bidding and optimizing variables, all while tracking and measuring each campaign’s performance.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Individuals who have already shown interest in what you provide are the most likely to convert if reminded about your services after they’ve left your site. We create remarketing tags so you can optimize your remarketing campaigns, so you can focus on retargeting individuals across Social Media and Global Display Network.

Video & Audio Channels

Through quick, ad-buying technology, we use any digital screens near your target audience, including TVs, digital billboards, movie theaters, transportation channels and more to reach your audience wherever they are. We also create audio ads to stream on radio and any other digital audio channel.

Social Advertising

Grow your business with the latest online advertising platforms, especially when you need help marketing to millennials. With a continuously increasing user base, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest are ideal for marketing to highly engaged audience, depending on your content and goals.

Local Ads Translation

Along with custom display campaigns, our expert team helps you design ads targeting any locality of your choice, with translated ad copy to reach wider audience. With our advertising services, you can create ads to stay relevant and reach international audiences.

Google DoubleClick/Responsive Ads

We create your responsive Google ads so you can set up your programmatic campaigns within the Google network in just a few clicks. Our programmatic advertising team helps you deliver highly optimized, engaging, and profitable campaigns so you can reach customers looking for the specific product you offer.

Copywriting & Creatives

We produce creative content for customers in the form of banners, ad graphics, data visualizations, videos, content calendar, and more. We make sure you’re well equipped to impress your audience and create a memorable, lasting impression.

Bid Management

Creating high-quality ads is crucial for outranking competitors’ bids for competitive keywords. We facilitate bidding to control your budgets and ad spend, as well as creating quality ads, landing pages, and other requirements win the top listing on thousands of keywords in all possible ad platforms.

CTR and Conversion Optimization

We make sure you don’t spend a single penny without knowing what you’ll get as a result. Our programmatic advertising strategy improves CTR (click through rates) and your average ad conversion rate. We optimize campaigns to ensure your products and services ads are relevant and catches the audience’s attention, which guarantees increased sales.

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"We had such a great experience with Bester Capital Media’s team, as they were fully equipped and delivered well-executed programmatic service. We would have been completely lost while trying something new but they helped us almost double our ROI within 6 months."

Mr. Stpephe Hodge

Chief Technology Officer, Galeyr Airline

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