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Capture Leads - Support Clients

Customer Support 24x7x365

Improve your customer experience with 24/7 accessible support to resolve customer concerns, answer questions, and prevent abandonment.

Enhanced Marketing

Increase your brand engagement, capture leads and communicate with users on your website and social media platforms before they lose interest.

Events & Conferences

Share relevant updates and files with your event’s audience seamlessly targeted by geolocation. Allow attendees to set reminders about events that interest them.

Instant Response

Nobody likes waiting, so don’t lose your customers after you’ve worked so hard to acquire them. Provide instant responses for all types of questions and escalate only complex issues.

Save Time & Cut Costs

Cut costs on dedicated customer service agents by automating repetetive and simple responses, so your team is more focused on more complex issues.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings seamlesly with integrated ChatBots that also remind users of their appointments. Used effectively for all kinds of businesses, education and healthcare institutes.

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Common Use Cases

  • ARRIVAL ALERTS for the status of deliveries or services.

  • LEADS CAPTURING for qualified leads and increased sales.

  • APPOINTMENT REMINDERS for reduced missed appointments

  • ENHANCED EVENT for modern experience and targeted communication.

  • HR & SUPPORT for better routing and reduced response time.

  • BILLING ALERTS for upcoming billing cycles or payments.

Example: When will I get my order?

We all ask the same question after ordering online. Without any hassle, our custom chatbot can resolve your customers’ quick and repetitive questions by authenticating their IDs, tracking orders and replying with, “Tomorrow after 3PM.”

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video production services in dubai, uae

Monitoring Dashboard To Better Understand Clients

Whether you’re using chatbots for marketing, customer care or IT, we create custom reporting dashboard that helps you visualize your ROI with KPIs like conversions and lead generation. This helps you understand customer needs in real time so you can deliver better services and products.



Car Rental Company uses SMS and voice to alert car arrival to connect riders and car owners.


Dubai Airline automated SMS messages & confirmations to simplify bookings and reminders.


Ecommerce Site increased sales with Images and Video Whatsapp messages for customers for return purchases.

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