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Increase Brand Recognition With Social Media Marketing and Advertising

At Bester Capital Media, we interact with over 200 thousand people across our clients’ social communities, and we’ve proven to be the best in building lasting relationships with thousands of social influencers and social outreach channels. Our innovative, evolving, and trendy social media management strategies coupled with expertise in all existing social platforms is “best-in-class.” Build relationships and boost your brand awareness with our tailored solution for each organization and industry.



Grow your brand with the top social media marketing & advertising agency in UAE. We offer SMO and content marketing services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Innovative Campaigns

Each one of our social media plans is innovative, adapts the latest technologies, and is tailored to business goals and industry practices. Our full social media campaign management services include a Strategy Session, an Optimized Setup, Daily Management, Creative Advertising, and Content Creation.

Social Media Optimization

Your website or app will confuse search engines if your social media portals are not tuned and setup properly. We’ll help you unify your strategy across the digital world to improve your branding.

Monthly Content Calendar

We prepare customized social media content plans so you can create timely and interactive posts, videos, pictures, and music, carousel ads, shoppable posts, discount offers, stories and highlights, as well as live streams to create a personal connection with your audience.


As potential clients leave your website and browse online elsewhere, social retargeting, or remarketing reminds and reintroduces them to services or products they’re already interested in, and offers them a discount or promotion that invites them to continue with their conversion on your website.

Social Media Groups

We try our best to network on social platforms through groups and forums with existing and potential clients. With social media groups addressing pain points of our community, we create content that increases website traffic and improves brand recognition and loyalty.

Social Media Advertising

Paid Social marketing is critical to brands that want to reach with audience at a larger scale. Our specialists focus on initiating real connections with measurable business outcomes. We try to implement paid social efforts with other marketing channels with for the best results.

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Improve Brand Recognition and Loyalty

Social Media Marketing and Advertising allows companies to interact with their clients on familiar grounds. Regular interaction creates a sense of credibility that helps customers choose your brand over competition and recommend it to friends and family, increasing your reach.

Increase Website Traffic and Conversion

Social media becomes a source of traffic from platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. With regular posts, more leads visit your website, which increases the chances of conversion as well, especially because they’re highly engaged with your social presence.

Improve Search Ranking

Businesses with optimized social media portals appear among the top search results of related products or services, creating a wider visibility. With more traffic on your website from social channels, Google and other search engines recommend your website over your competition.


"BCM is truly unique because their social media management strategy is all-encompassing. They implemented such new and creative ideas that presented us ahead of our customers as innovative and cool, and they started naturally choosing us over our competition."

Doctor Mohammad

General Manager, Canadian Medical Center

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