The Mattress Store

Ecommerce Platform
- Increased conversions and generated sales


The Mattress Store is the only specialty store for sleep products in the GCC region that offers an exciting variety of mattresses from renowned international sleep brands. They needed an Ecommerce solution to modernize their business and cater to the digital market for mattresses in UAE. BCM built a customized PHP solution for The Mattress Store, as well as an efficient, modern website that generated exceptional sales for the company.

know whats
inside your mattress
before buying !

Increased conversions and generated sales.

Selling Digitally

BCM designed a product strategy for The Mattress Store and customized an Ecommerce solution for an interactive and easy to navigate website. Users are able to browse through the vast selection of mattresses and other sleep products, read details, and view product images from different angles at their convenience. The search filters help view and select mattresses based on factors like type, firmness, brand, etc.



"I'm very pleased with our growth and I definitely attribute it to BCM's Ecommerce solution. We now focus most of our time marketing our products instead of spending time loading new products."

- Mubashir Iftikhar, CEO of The Mattress Store





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