5 Reasons why digital marketing is important for small businesses

Written by Safeer ur Rehman

While most of the established businesses understand and acknowledge the fact that digital marketing has become vital to their sustainability, a lot of small businesses are still oblivious to its importance. Whether you are a startup looking to make it big in their industry or a small business that is trying to keep its head above the water in the wake of the global pandemic, having a solid digital strategy is the only way to survive in today’s highly competitive digital landscape. 

If you are still not convinced enough to invest in digital marketing for your business, here are some key reasons that might help change your mind;

Connectivity with your customers 

From search engines to all the major social media platforms, the number of users is increasing by each hour. According to Statista.com, the number of people using social media was over 3.6 billion in 2020 which is projected to increase to over 4.41 billion by the year 2025. 

This only goes to show that having a strong digital presence is no longer something you can take for granted. The first thing a user does these days is look up a service or product online. No matter how economical your services are or how good your business website is, if you are not appearing online in local searches, your customers are simply going to take their business elsewhere. 

Strengthening your brand 

Your customers expect you to have an online presence not just for the sake of information but also because almost every trusted service or product has an online presence now. The kind of presence you have across different online platforms defines your brand image. 

A poorly coordinated website or your absence on social platforms only shows how unreliable you are as a brand. 

Identifying and expanding your customer base

You may be operating at a small scale for now but you are going to want to expand someday and in order to expand you are going to have to identify and reach out to a larger audience. That’s where digital marketing comes into the equation. Not only can you identify the larger groups of your target audience based on customer persona but also reach them out with attractive offers through paid advertising.

Communicating with your audience and inculcating brand loyalty

You have acquired a significant customer base and build a strong online community, what now? The last thing you want is to become irrelevant and that’s exactly what happens when a brand stops communicating with its customers. Having recurring customers is surely good but it takes a lot more than a simple discount offer to retain and expand your customer base. To make sure your customers stick to your product or services, you are going to have to communicate with them from time to time in order to understand and eliminate their pain points. 

It’s important to make your customers loyal to your brand and nothing instills loyalty among customers better than making them realize that their opinion matters. 

Driving business with data

You could either speculate about what age group is most interested in your product and which area do you get most of your business from or you could consult Google analytics and other digital marketing tools to figure such important information to better understand your audience’s general behavior. 

From tracking the user journey to optimizing your website and campaign in order to reach your short and long term business goals, data can make a huge difference for a small business and how you interact with your target audience. So no matter what services or products you are offering, instead of adopting a spray and pray approach, let your business be driven by solid data.

While large sized businesses may be able spare huge sums of money for their marketing, it’s not as simple for an average brick and mortar store to market itself. As a small business owner you are looking to get the most value for your marketing budget. Digital marketing offers more return on investment than any other form of marketing that is out there. 

If you are a small business looking to hire a digital marketing agency in Dubai that can help you devise a formidable strategy, get in touch with us today.


Originally Published March 1, 2021 01:45 PM, Updated March 1, 2021.

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