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As a leading technology company in the UAE, Bester Capital Media helps organizations across all industries gain insights from the data they've gathered for actionable, predictable decision making and higher productivity. Instead of keeping data as a burden, we create dashboards and other tools that make the most of your data, so you can package it as a product that can generate revenue.


Why are Data Science Services so Popular in the UAE?

Our Data science team uses scientific methods, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge from data in various forms, both structured and unstructured. The demand for powerful business intelligence tools continues to grow every day with an increasing need for business insights. Our data science solution integrates data from disparate sources such as social media, on-premise, and cloud-based apps and provides a single platform for data analysis and actionable insights.

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Data Science Offerings

We offer a complete data science solution that provides insights based on data collected from your business or external agencies. Our Chatbots offerings include:

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Our data science tools predict failure and reduce maintenance costs by detecting patterns to determine which resources are at the highest risk for failure. Identification of potential customers and when they plan to buy helps companies manage stocks to meet the demand-supply equation.

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

We can help you group your customers, leads, and market data into groups that have similar interests or characteristics so you can effectively market your products and services. Once you've identified who is most likely to buy from you, we help you develop strategies tailored to each segment and determine the marketing campaigns to fit your customers' needs.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing technology enables machines to understand what people write and speak, analyze sentiments, and take programmed actions on the data gathered. Applications of this technology include Voice activation, news sentiment analysis, and more.

business intelligence

Price Optimization

We help retailers, hotels, educational institutes, event planners, and more to price their products and services with powerful insights from their own data, which allows faster decision-making in pricing and coupon/discounts that can be offered to capture the target audience.

Hiring Resources

Hiring Resources

With data science, you can see which job applicants are best fit for certain jobs that are available in your organization. This process is unbiased, intelligent, and saves a lot of resume screening time.

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We create customized dashboards to monitor all kinds of activity and display any information you quickly need for reporting and management purposes. Save time by gathering insights from all data sources in a single platform so you can focus more on your core business.

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Benefits of Data Science Technology with Bester Capital Media

Saves Time

Save Time

With powerful data science tools from Bester Capital Media, you can shorten decision cycles without having to wait hours before you can make a decision using manual reports.

Cut Costs with Data Science

Cut Costs

Invest where it matters and cut costs associated with dedicating personnel to manually produce reports.Our data science solution empowers you to decide and predict before the opportunity window closes

Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

Increased data accuracy results in improved team productivity and efficiency with a focus on your core business instead of having to make sense of your data.



Our AI tools simplify decision-making and offer insights that will improve the efficiency of treatments, predict future cases, and minimize the risk of false diagnosis.

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E-commerce & Retail

Customized AI applications that help you access real time reports, predict when your customer will buy a product, monitor demand and supply, and offer better user experience with speech and text recognition services.

Smart solutions that offer product recommendations, task automation, image recognition, and chat functionality for better customer experience.

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"Transform the way you get mission-critical tasks done with Bester Capital Media's AI solutions for the Transportation industry. Incorporating solutions like IoT, we focus on the reliability and safety of your AI system to improve safety, reliability, environmental pollution, and wasted energy."

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Marketing & Sales

Gather market insights, analyze consumer buying behavior, customize offers according to customer preferences, learn market trends, and create the right campaign for your brand. AI can help you offer personalized experience, measure ROI, communicate better with chatbots, and detect errors in websites, apps, SEO, etc.

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Our AI technology offers integrated multilingual voice and chat support to provide improved customer service with information accuracy, updated knowledge base, and information security.

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Event Management

AI can help event management companies automate emails, gather market insight, offer personalized solutions, and predict ROI when planning events.

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AI can help event management companies automate emails, gather market insight, offer personalized solutions, and predict ROI when planning events.

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Food & Hospitality

With AI, the Food and Hospitality industry can reach clients in potential markets with empowered market research, provide better customer service with automated manual tasks, predict demand for better resource management.

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Educational institutes gain powerful insight about the success of previous courses, teachers, students, and other personnel to help improve staffing, admissions, and syllabus design.

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"We've saved a lot of time and money thanks to Bester Capital Media's powerful data science tools and dashboards. I wonder how we've been functioning without these important insights that are quickly available whenever I need them."

Mr. Mark Stpehpen

Chief Technology Officer, Workvitals


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