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Nowadays, customers are eager to talk to businesses for quick, helpful info, without having deep human-like conversations. You should take every opportunity to deliver a great customer experience because unsatisfied customers hurt a business more than anything else. Improve your customer service with automated chatbots to reap the long-term benefits they bring for your business.


What can Chatbots do for your business?

More businesses are implementing AI chatbots to improve their customer service and sales teams. Chatbots answer inquiries quickly and consistently, saving expensive manpower required even for the small, repetitive questions. Being one of the pioneer chatbot development companies, Bester Capital Media helps businesses implement an intelligent conversational platform that interacts with users through a chat platform.

We offer custom chatbots development services with specific processes for each client as part of our Artificial Intelligence offering. Our chatbot development includes natural language processing, speech recognition and other technologies, armed with historical customer data for personalized communication to help customers quickly find what they're looking for.

Benefits Offered By Professional Chatbot Providers

We develop chatbots for your website and social media channels, so you can be sure to create leads wherever your visitors are. Benefits of Chatbots include:

Automate Helpdesk Inquiries

Quickly resolve simple, repetitive requests to free your team's time so they can focus on more important issues. Our bots will master your business knowledge base and solve tickets faster than ever as they are developed by some of the best chatbot developers in the industry. Human staff can assist in more complex issues that the bot distributes intelligently to your staff based on their expertise.

Process HR Inquiries

Automate routine requests to the HR department such as changing addresses, and guiding employees regarding leaves, policies, payroll or other frequently asked questions. Our bots can improve company onboarding to access any files or information required to understand your HR process.

Perform Interactive Surveys

Chatbots allow you to collect feedback from customers’ experience about a purchased product or service. Because most survey methods go in vain as the audience finds the process tedious, chatbots can improve the experience to encourage feedback in an interesting manner.

Support Clients 24/7

Intelligently decide which representative should resolve a certain problem and quickly organize tickets to automatically answer common questions of thousands of people at the same time. Less waiting results in happy customers, which boosts your brand and increases revenue.

Free Infographics With The Best Chatbot Development Services

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Our AI tools simplify decision-making and offer insights that will improve the efficiency of treatments, predict future cases, and minimize the risk of false diagnosis.

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E-commerce & Retail

Customized AI applications that help you access real time reports, predict when your customer will buy a product, monitor demand and supply, and offer better user experience with speech and text recognition services.

Smart solutions that offer product recommendations, task automation, image recognition, and chat functionality for better customer experience.

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"Transform the way you get mission-critical tasks done with Bester Capital Media's AI solutions for the Transportation industry. Incorporating solutions like IoT, we focus on the reliability and safety of your AI system to improve safety, reliability, environmental pollution, and wasted energy."

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Marketing & Sales

Gather market insights, analyze consumer buying behavior, customize offers according to customer preferences, learn market trends, and create the right campaign for your brand. AI can help you offer personalized experience, measure ROI, communicate better with chatbots, and detect errors in websites, apps, SEO, etc.

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Our AI technology offers integrated multilingual voice and chat support to provide improved customer service with information accuracy, updated knowledge base, and information security.

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Event Management

AI can help event management companies automate emails, gather market insight, offer personalized solutions, and predict ROI when planning events.

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AI can help event management companies automate emails, gather market insight, offer personalized solutions, and predict ROI when planning events.

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Food & Hospitality

With AI, the Food and Hospitality industry can reach clients in potential markets with empowered market research, provide better customer service with automated manual tasks, predict demand for better resource management.

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"Bester Capital Media helped save our time and efforts that were being drained in catering to small, repetitive requests about our ecommerce products. We can now manage thousands of inquiries at the same time and our dedicated staff only receives the questions escalated by the bots. We even discovered a lot more about our customers through this technology."

— Mr. Stpephe Hodge, Managing Director, Platinum Bay


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