Why Cultivating an Online Presence is Important for Businesses?

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

In the digital age of today, it is absolutely important for your businesses to develop an online presence. Whether it’s an online portal, a social media page, an e-commerce platform, or a combination of all three, getting your brand over the cyberspace will definitely allow you to reap major benefits in the long run. Even if your brand does not carry out business online, customers and prospects are expecting you to be online for information gathering and making purchases. If you’re lacking a digital presence, you could be losing out on massive opportunities to generate online WOM (Word of Mouth), augment online visibility and increase your customer base.

 Getting Digitized is the Way Forward

Here are some of the reasons why your business needs to have a well-established digital presence: -

1- Allows Potential Customers to Reach You

The informed consumers of the modern age find every information online, ranging from buying tissue papers to booking an international flight, they’ll refer to the internet to make a purchase decision. Having an online presence will allow businesses to help customers find their products or services thus giving them a competitive edge.

Potential customers will definitely put efforts to find businesses online. Here, not only your online presence will play its part but also Search Engine Optimization would add the cherry on top.

Suppose, you have a grocery store that deals with meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. A potential customer will look for a similar service that serves groceries at the doorstep.  Getting a mobile application developed will also add to your advantage as modern consumers normally rely on mobile devices when looking for products or services online.  If you’re able to offer them the right service at the right price and that too with an unparalleled online experience, you’ll definitely earn a new customer and a chain reaction will take place.

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2- Enables You to Better Showcase Your Offerings

The internet has opened many opportunities for businesses to market and showcase their products and services online. Whether it is portfolio or testimonials from clients, or an album of products on your social media channels, it has become easier for brands and service providers to let the world know about them.

Having an online presence allows businesses to learn more about them even outside of business hours. An online presence is a practical extension of your brand that operates 24/7.

3- Encourages Businesses to Retain and Nurture Relationships with Customers & Prospects

Digital is all about nurturing relationships and providing an unparalleled experience. Integrating your social entities with your main website allows your company to be more human and relatable thus enabling interaction on a more personal level. Enabling brands to interact with their customers and prospects in a humanly way, it opens invaluable opportunities to do serious business. Social media is one of the simplest ways to connect and communicate with your target audience.

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4- Makes It Easier to Digitally Market Your Brand

Websites and social media platforms are an excellent addition to support your digital marketing efforts. Being one of the most cost-effective mediums for sending out information to your target audience, they are a must-have for modern businesses who want to expand their reach and cater more customers more efficiently.  Coupled with digital marketing, your online entities can play a key role in influencing your consumers on how they make purchasing decisions.

Not having an online presence will only increase skepticism and leave a negative impact on consumers who are trying to find you online for information seeking and purchases.

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Utilizing the digital medium, businesses can overcome distance barriers, allowing interested prospects to learn about your business from miles away with just a mere click. Also, the “shareability” of social media allows brands to further expand their reach and get the word out. Digital marketing gives a great opportunity to market your brand in imaginative and exciting ways.

If you don’t have a website yet or your current one isn’t performing well or your social media & PPC ads aren’t delivering the ROI you want them to deliver, then contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



Originally Published April 25, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated October 31, 2019.

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