13 Advance Web Design & Development Elements You Should Consider in 2019

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Developing a money making website a hard nut to crack. With the changing dynamics of web design & development, it is important for businesses in Dubai to improve aesthetics and functionality of their website to augment the visitor's experience.

There’s a direct correlation between website feedback and design. Nearly 94% of negative website feedback is due to design related concerns. As the digital era progresses into 2019, there are certain elements about modern web design that need to be borne in mind to ace the successful website game.

With Web designing companies in Dubai offering countless options to choose from, it can be mystifying to determine which ones are really worth it. To help narrow down your focus, we've detailed 13 important elements of modern website design that you should include to improve your site's performance.

13 Advance Web Design & Development Trends to Follow in 2019

1)     A Well Defined Color Palette

Though sounding rudimentary, color schemes are essential when it comes to modern web design. A well-defined color palette will create cohesiveness between everything your business carries out.

Having primary and secondary colors specified will provide more room for creating new elements for the website. Here, considering the number of colors is important as too many colors may create visual distraction for the viewer.  A common practice is to incorporate two or three colors in the scheme.

Making the color scheme less complicated makes it easier to focus for the viewer. Using a minimal approach, you can experiment with different shades and tints of your current colors while being consistent with your brand guidelines.

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2)     Unique and Large Typography

Using a particular kind of typography help brands to distinguish themselves from the rest. As per the latest web trends, typography is the next big thing when it comes to being instantly recognized by the masses.

Typography uses one design scheme across the website to lead readers to different sections of the page. Typography indicates subtle hints about who you stand for as a brand. It describes whether you’re functional or informational, fun or serious.

Irrespective of the font you choose, be sure to consider its applicability across devices and browsers.  Choosing a non-compatible font will result in displaying your website awkwardly on different devices.

3)     Large Hero Images

Large and responsive hero images play a key role in creating a strong visual experience that encourages the visitor to scroll down to read more. They are often placed at the top as a background with content overlaid on top. Large hero images can help visually tell your story without having to rely on mere text.

As customers are coming from different places and have high expectations, ensuring that your hero images speak visually creates a great user experience regardless of the device they are viewed on.

4)     Background Videos

Videos playing automatically at the background adds a lot of life to a motionless page. They can be used to easily explain your business and offering without the user having to scroll through gigantic jargon-filled content sections.

Adding a video at the background is a brilliant way of getting your visitors engaged from the moment they land on your page. Videos are found to have 200% more impact than simple text or graphics. They also supplement hero or banner images and break the monotony of a static landing page, making the website all the more memorable.

5)     Simplistic Design Scheme

A simplistic and minimalistic design scheme allows the visitor to focus on just one thing about your website and ensures a memorable experience. Working with a professional web design agency in Dubai will enable your website to experience lesser bounce rates, give you an edge over competitors & compel your visitors to convert more often. Benefits of adopting a minimal design will not only allow your website to focus on a more visual representation but would also help in total recall value.

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6)     White Space all the Way

When developing a conversion focused website, you should consider white space at top priority. White space being the negative area in any composition marks a break that minimizes distractions and makes it easier to emphasize on the subject at hand. White space augments usability and is found to be one of the most sought after feature of a website. A recent survey found that 60% of visitors prefer usability paired with aesthetics.

7)     Clean Backend Coding

Having a clean back end is perhaps the most important when it comes to the functionality of your website. You might not notice it visually but the overall impact it creates is key to converting online. Behind every successful website is a great deal of coding in the backend that demonstrates how a website will perform. While getting a website developed, always choose a web development agency in Dubai that ensures flawlessly function, faster load times, and easy navigation.

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8)     Get Your Website SEO Optimized

While designing and development is one part of process, making sure that it appears on search results in equally important. If search engines are unable to find your website, all your aesthetic struggles value to nothing worthwhile. Developing a high converting website requires key focus on SEO guidelines as with an aesthetic and optimized site, you can rest assure that users will keep coming back to your site.

As most of SEO’s basic elements are invisible to the naked eye, there’s a lot of room for optimization in terms of key phrases, meta data, alt tags, headings and more.

9)     Speed Optimization

Optimizing for speed is an imperative factor that should not be overlooked. With today’s technology, people expect things to load instantaneously. A slow website leaves a negative impact on the visitor’s mind and that’s the last thing businesses want to do. To ensure fast load speeds, always optimize images, enable compressions, minimize HTTP requests and select proper hosting options. When developing a website, prioritize user-experience and for design and functionality.

10)  Mobile Responsiveness

It is estimated that 80% of online consumers use mobile devices to browse the internet. Since most of the traffic is there, making a responsive web design is crucial for success. Your website should load faster on mobile platforms without missing any essential details. If you’re an e-commerce store or just a local business, getting a mobile site design will definitely help you reap benefits.

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11)  Use of SVG Graphics

SVG graphics or Scalable Vector Graphics amplify the overall aura of the website, creating an enthralling experience that effectively communicates your brand’s message and reflects your unique identity through visuals. SVG makes the user stay on the site longer than intended thus encouraging better leads generation and sales turnovers.

12)  Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is key to targeting your non-tech audience as it allows them to easily approach all pages with least effort. 94% of a website’s bounce rate is negatively impacted by navigational issues. Always remember, simplicity is appreciated and the results you can render from it are unbelievable. People are more likely to interact with websites that are easy to browse. Simplistic navigation encourages audiences to stay on your site more often as they’ll know where to go next without being lost in complicated menus and sections.

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13)  Hamburger Menu

Instead of having your visitors get distracted by long menus, opting for a hidden or hamburger menu is a smarter approach. Saving up valuable screen space, the hamburger menu defines a clear path removing cluttered navigational issues thus making the experience cleaner and interruption free. Binding the menu in one space, it gives your website enough space to display content and enhance aesthetics.

Web Design & Development Trends for UAE Market in a Nutshell

With these tips, your business can create a kick-ass website design that not only focuses on the physical design but its functionality too. Keeping in mind these aforementioned criteria, there is no doubt that your website will flourish in a span of mere days, uplifting your online business to the heights of success you never imagined. We’re sure that this post has made you more informed setting your requirements with any of the web designing companies in Dubai you wish to work with.

Originally Published June 26, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated October 31, 2019.

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