Winning the SERP Game for

The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill Dubai


Joey Ghazal, the CEO at The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill is known across the globe for transforming empty spaces to talking points. Considering the fact that the serial entrepreneur has been featured by the Caterer Magazine as 'Middle East Restauranteur of the Year 2018' and the '4th Most Powerful Independent Restauranteur in the Middle East' in their yearly ‘Power 50’ issue, team BCM had to pay key attention to deliverables and results to upkeep the repute of the company.

The Maine wanted to capitalize on SEO by increasing their organic brand visibility so BCM crafted out a smart strategy that consisted of generating quality backlinks, referrals, best indexing practices, page speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, content syndication, keyword optimization, Click Through Rate improvement, website structure enhancement & sitelink generation to turbocharge their digital marketing efforts.

With the Right Blend of SEO Strategy

Our Efforts Resulted

Brand Awareness

After assessing the primary purpose of the client and positioning them as a premium seafood restaurant in Dubai, we generated WOM & brand buzz using the right set of digital practices. Our efforts on building and fostering a dedicated organic community of seafood aficionados interested in fine dining allowed us to help target users that are more relevant.

Session Increased


Traffic Growth

After diving deep into the keyword universe specifically focusing on the interests, demographics and psychographics of the target audience, we leveraged geo location and intent data to make the website show up on popular searches related to the hospitality industry. By optimizing pages via incorporation of a smart combo of keywords, BCM increased their traffic.

Users Increased


More Interaction

By redefining the communication strategy for onsite & offsite, our digital agency was able to increase website engagement. With more email & offer signups and customer’s interest on top pages owing to better internal linking and navigation, The Maine oyster bar & grill experienced massive improvements in bounce rates and bookings.

Engagement Increased




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