Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2020 to Accelerate Business Growth

Written by Ahsen Ghufran Khan

With digital marketing booming like never before, businesses now need to pay keen focus on all of its facets to take full benefit from it. Social media being the major source where most of customers lie, following current trends is critical to ensure success.  

The Digital Landscape at a Glance

Social media users across the globe are experiencing a 9% staggering increase compared to last year resulting in a massive number of 3.4B in totality. With half of the world on social media, brands have a larger playground to target a huge audience base with digital mediums.

Stay Competitive on Social Media in 2020 By Following These Trends

1)    Story Telling is the Next Big Thing

Stories have created a buzz in the social media space, boasting 500 million daily active participators across the globe.

Offering a more in-the-moment feel, stories interact better with the target audience compared to regular feeds. Giving businesses a lot of room for creative experimentation and engagement, there’s no questioning why it experienced 15x growth compared to feeds in 2017.

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A recent survey by Hootsuite revealed that 64% of marketers have already incorporated stories into their social media strategy and the rest are aiming to in the last quarter. As far as posting frequency is concerned, less popular brands opt for 1 story a day whereas businesses with 100,000 or more followers share twice as much.

2)    Build Social Media Communities

By cultivating interactions and experiences on social media, brands can engage with their audience to ultimately drive more conversions. To always stay ahead of the game, businesses need to seek advice from recognized social media marketing companies to develop a staggering social presence, promote content and augment the overall brand image. Creating communities is just the first step, getting them talking is more important to develop the true feeling of community. If businesses want to ace the social media game, humanization is the only option. People consult people to make purchase decisions, a recent survey revealed that 61% of consumers trust recommendations of acquaintances.

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3)    Emergence of Other Social Media Platforms

With users from major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram getting fatigued with these mediums, businesses are now finding it hard to achieve good levels of organic reach and engagement.

TikTok is a great example of a new platform gaining immense popularity.  Having around 500 million monthly active users worldwide, it can be a good advertisement option for B2B & B2B.

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4)    CS Gone Social

In this digital age, providing a good customer experience is vital to ensure success.  With social media being the platform where most people are, brands now use it as a tool for handling online reviews, complaints and issues.

As per stats, 28% of users communicated with a brand via social media and 30% believed that it’s a convenient contact method. Considering the numbers, social media will be permanent part of customer service operations.


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Social Media Will be the True Driver of Business

As social media further matures over the period of time, changes across the industry that are sure to come by. Having data, analysis, strategy and the right set of tools at disposal can help drive actions and take your revenue to the next level. So, to stay profitable and ahead of the curve, keeping track of all social media marketing trends for 2020 is important. Following these social media trends will definitely benefit your business in the long run. If you need consultation from a top tier social media marketing agency in Dubai to quadruple sales and increase engagement, connect with us today.

Originally Published October 24, 2019 04:39 PM, Updated October 24, 2019.

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