Marketing strategies to help you survive and thrive during the 2nd wave of Covid-19

Written by Safeer ur Rehman

As much as we wish for things to get back to normal and order to be restored, Covid-19 is not going away anytime soon. We saw how big and small businesses shared the same struggle of not being prepared for a global pandemic due to which a lot of them had to close down and the rest suffered great losses.  With the second wave of the virus expected to strike harder than the first one, businesses need to prepare for the worst and devise an effective marketing strategy that would help them not just stay afloat during the second wave but also help them make the best use of opportunities that are going to come along.

Whether you are a small brick and mortar store committed to serving the community during these hard times or a major brand that is looking to improvise its strategy to cope with the modern challenges. Here is what you need to do if you want to come out stronger through this global crisis;

Establish your online presence

If you have made it this far and are reading this blog, chances are that you already realize how important it is to have an online presence regardless what industry you belong to or how good you are at what you do. 

Covid-19 sure has brought depression and destruction across the world but there is a silver lining to all this chaos, more people are spending their time on the internet than ever before which has made it easier to reach out and stay connected with your target audience. Be sure that you don’t miss out on this rare opportunity. If you already have a business website then be sure to keep your SEO game on point. If you are not sure how to do your own SEO then you can always hire the SEO services from a reputed SEO agency which shouldn’t cost much, to get an edge over your competitors.

Invest in paid marketing 

Each time a crisis hits, our natural instinct is to take a step back and cut down our costs in a bid to save what is left. But this is unlike any other crisis we have experienced before. We all saw how the CPC took a significant dip across the major advertising platforms. That’s because the way online advertising works is, it requires more and more businesses bidding on the same ads which naturally increases the bid rate and when the bid rate is higher the cost per conversion would also be higher. 

When Covid struck the last time, a lot of businesses backed out which caused the ads prices to drop significantly. So, don’t be afraid to spend some of that budget you had saved for the rainy days with the right targeting.

Stay social 

Don’t let the physical social distancing make you forget that your social media accounts are among your biggest assets in marketing. You have a huge number of actual people who are interested in your products and services. Don’t forget to engage the biggest pool of your potential buyers through organic posting. You can drive traffic to your business website through a number of social media strategies which we have covered in another one of our blogs. 

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Make use of your database

Let’s not forget, not all marketing has to be paid and you are going to need to hit multiple channels to cover the greater audience and decrease your cost per conversion. You can send out a newsletter to your existing customer base by extracting their email data from your CRM. This is not going to cost much but email marketing is one of the highest returning digital channels. 

Don’t be afraid to give a little back

Now this might be the most difficult yet the easiest thing to do. Offer special discounts to your customers to help them out during these difficult times. Giving back to the same people who have made you who you are would not just help you in customer retention but also gain their loyalty in the long run. 


Originally Published November 27, 2020 12:00 AM, Updated November 27, 2020.

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