5 ways to stir up your lead generation through social media

Written by Safeer ur Rehman

It is one thing to effectively manage your business’ social accounts but it takes an entrepreneurial mindset to harness the true power of social media. From building an active community of potential buyers to driving conversions and achieving better results throughout the sales funnel, your social media can be the strongest pillar of your digital marketing plan.

While it’s easier to spend a few dollars from your marketing budget to drive sales and boost conversions, it could be a grueling task to acquire leads organically through social media. If you are among those who are looking to generate leads through social media accounts without the help of a social media marketing agency, then stick around as we explore some tried and tested lead generation strategies.

Make an offer that’s hard to ignore

We live in an age where data is power. You have a better shot at selling your product by sending targeted messages to the right audience than relying on a good old spray and pray approach. The question is, how do you acquire authentic data in the first place? That’s where freebies and special offers come in, nothing attracts a customer more than a discount offer or free stuff. Have your audience fill out a simple form and offer a discount or a giveaway in return. This way you would have valuable data of active customers at your disposal.

A number of websites and brands have employed this technique and it has worked for them like a charm.

Hear your audience out

When it comes to marketing, you simply cannot rely on assumptions, your campaigns need to be driven by solid data. Polls and surveys give your audience a great opportunity to express themselves. You can get their feedback on your products and also gain valuable insights about what you lack or what drives your average customers’ loyalty.

Referral Campaigns

You could literally invest a fortune in your marketing campaigns or beg your customers to trust your brand but none of that would build a better brand image than the word of mouth. We would rather believe a friend than take a random marketer’s word to buy something. With 92% of buyers making their buying decision based on recommendations by friends and family, you can capitalize on referral campaigns by offering attractive incentives to the referrer as well as the referees.

This particular technique is used for acquiring authentic new customer base. You may do it on a single social media platform where you have the most followers or you could do it across different platforms which would create a greater impact and help you expand your customer base faster.

Go Live

Live video is among the most powerful tools social media platforms have to offer. Unlike the old days when businesses had to rely upon the mainstream media and PR agencies to broadcast their major events, social media has made it incredibly easy. Today, brands use live videos to not just broadcast product launches but to also host Q&A sessions which gives the businesses and general audience a chance to interact directly. You can drive traffic to another link from your live session, address your customers’ concerns and collect data from them all through a well hosted live session.

Host Webinars

Turns out that it’s not just the advertisers who are always on a lookout for new data and information, a lot of people from your own industry would pay the top dollar for a good webinar session. You may set up a preregistration form for people interested in joining the webinar. You would not just be getting the attendees’ information through the registration forms but you could also advertise your services during your webinars and ask the interested attendees to sign up by filling a form afterwards.

One might argue that it’s easier for B2C businesses to generate leads and conversions but as a leading social media marketing management company here in UAE, we have helped several B2B businesses generate leads across different social media platforms through the above techniques.

Originally Published November 17, 2020 01:45 PM, Updated November 17, 2020.

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