How BMW Quadrupled Growth by Revamping its Website

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Bayerische Motoren Werke, commonly known as BMW is amongst the world’s most coveted automotive brands representing the epitome of excellence, innovation and performance. Experiencing lesser engagement and sales, BMW’s digital wing decided to revamp its mobile website to turn the tables and beat the competition. With a clear set of key goals in mind surrounding speed, aesthetics and usability, the team planned to hand over this cumbersome task to a professional digital agency.

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Game Plan for the Revamp

Since BMW focuses on customer centricity in everything they do, same was the plan for attracting maximum car enthusiasts towards the new website. Built around high-performance technologies, the new data-driven website incorporated high-quality images, full-screen videos and interactive design to meet the high expectations of users.

Technology Driving BWM’s Innovation

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Being an open-source HTML library, AMP enables developers to create compelling yet fast web pages. Currently used by tech giants such as Google & Twitter, it offers interactive capabilities such as filters, product search and infinite scroll. Leveraging AMP, BMW was able to deliver high-quality content to its users without compromising load times. Since speed plays a key role in terms of ranking a website, BWM’s digital agency considered it at the heart of every decision.

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2. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs offer rapid, reliable, seamless and secure web experiences, enabling businesses to attract more users, drive engagement and augment conversion rates. By adhering to best indexability practices, progressive web apps are given preference by search engines. Offering immersive experiences, PWAs drive engagement and ensure security at scale.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds: AMP and PWA’s Ultimate Duo

By using both of these advance technologies, BMW’s website enjoyed tangible business benefits. AMP served great when onboarding users and serving valuable content at a rapid pace whereas PWA components help users to transit swiftly and smoothly into more dynamic sections of the site. BMW raised the bar for other automotive brands by offering an unparalleled website experience to its users and experienced the best outcomes after adopting a consumer-first approach.

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Results Achieved

BMW’s digital journey to a fast, smooth and reliable experience led them to a staggering 4x increase in people clicking the automotive brand’s sales site, four times faster site speed, 50% growth in mobile users and 49% improvement in organic traffic.

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Originally Published January 30, 2020 06:00 PM, Updated September 2, 2020.

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