9 Best Rebranding Examples That Changed the Marketing World Forever

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Rebranding is a marketing practice that involves recreating a company’s name, slogan, symbol, packaging or design that revamps the overall image of the company. Rebranding helps companies create a memorable impression on consumers making them perceive it differently with more expectation.

Rebranding helps illustrate who you are as a brand and what you aim to accomplish and what impact you want to create. To create a unique and attention-grabbing professional profile, rebranding strategies ensure increase in brand loyalty by up to 50%.

If things aren’t working the way they should then it is time recreate the face of your brand. Having a strategic overhaul can entirely renovate public perception and can breathe fresh air into your company, extend reach and help attract new audiences.

Here are the 9 most successful rebranding examples of world’s leading companies and why you should consider a brand redo as well. 

1. YouTube

After more than a decade, YouTube has given its logo an exceptionally slight revamp. The red colored “tube” which creased over the word has been moved to the front side of the wordmark and developed into a more distinguishable symbol along with being more in accordance with the service– a play button.

2. Dunkin Donuts to Dunkin

Dunkin Donuts have decided to drop the term “Donut” from their brand name as of a recent executive decision. This initiative was taken to better showcase their wide range of products and to get more traction from the younger generation.

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3. Premier League

The Premier League’s bold and vibrant identity now incorporates a modern take on the lion icon – a sign that is part of the competition’s legacy.

4. Apple


No rebranding success story would be complete without mentioning Apple. During the 90’s, Apple was suffering from decreased consumer interest and low sales. In 1997, Steve Jobs took complete responsibility of the dwindling ship of Apple and flipped the fortune of the company by introducing minimalism, modernity, a wide range of innovation-led products, and a series of creative marketing and advertising campaigns that focused more on disruption more than the product itself. With all things working like a well-oiled machine, Apple was able to entice a new, diversified customer base, and developed itself as a thought leader in the technology space.  

5. Master Card

Master Card also experimented with a carefully chosen color palette that appeared appear bright and glowing against various backgrounds.

6. Airbnb

Despite controversies, there’s no denying the success of Airbnb. The company’s earlier logo was well focused, thoughtful and intriguing but to appear more appealing, the brand wanted to take things further.

They redesigned their logo into a polished yet comprehensive identity which resulted in a successful and recognizable brand that is widely accepted.

7. PayPal

In 2014, PayPal’s completely rebranded its visual language as a company. Their earlier rebranding in 2007 still pushed them back to the 90’s, so they opted for a more crisp treatment and overlapping to make it appear reborn.

At first glimpse, the logo feels friendly, young, smart and advanced. Their brand visual scheme is now extremely pulsating yet saturated and incorporates icons and illustrations.

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8. Starbucks

 Though being a world-renowned brand, Starbucks undertook the rebranding treatment in 2011 by removing the “seal” structure as well as the term “Starbucks”. The new logo and packaging focuses more on a modern bright green color palette. When first introduced, it was ridiculed by design thinkers, however, it still remains a true example of how sometimes breaking the norms of branding can result in unexpected success.

9. Budweiser

When it was time for Budweiser’s rebranding, Jones Knowles Ritchie was chosen to do the job. Developing the brand’s firm authority as the “ King of Beers”, its rebranding was fully coherent with its soul and heritage.

Wrapping Up

Helping you engage with your audience’s subconscious mind and building an emotional bridge between the story and the company, rebranding can help you better deliver on your promise.

To give your underperforming brand a new lease of life and to capture more customers and conversions, rebranding is definitely the best option.

We at Bester Capital Media have a diverse team of passionate, savvy, creative and seasoned brand strategists who can help you get the word out, increase brand loyalty and profits. 

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Originally Published May 3, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated July 30, 2019.

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