Gauging Your Brand’s Health: 5 Metrics to Measure in 2019

Written by Ahsen Ghufran Khan

For most consumer-facing companies, their brand is the most important asset they have.  Brand managers and marketing officials are highly concerned about their brand’s health index as it is a key factor in the overall success of accounts they manage. Measuring brand awareness KPIs help guarantee a significant impact on the consumer awareness of a brand and it directly affects the ability to sell, fundraise, hire and grow.

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Explaining Brand Health

A company’s brand health can be defined as its ability to articulate organizational vision, mission, and values in all communications, including digital entities along with your marketing collateral and the language used by stakeholders. It is a clear personification of what your brand stands for both internally and externally. This includes a set of visual carriers comprising of colors, style, imagery and a clear message that tells a brand’s story applied with absolute consistency across all platforms.

Why Is It Important to Check a Brand’s Health?

Marketing professionals get a gut feeling when the brands they manage aren’t tightly aligned with business goals and vision. Just as an automobile needs regular maintenance and the human body needs an annual physical inspection, so too a company requires regular assessments of brand equity, measure awareness levels and customer experience framework to stays on track.  As with any checkup, a candid warts-and-all conversation focused on a well-scrutinized brand health check questionnaire is required with an expert or in marketing terms, a brand management agency.

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The key to brand health assessment is proper brand awareness measurement, customer experience measurement tools, engagement KPIs and metrics. So, to carry out a complete diagnostic and evaluation of a brand, the following five factors must be considered: -

1-     Strategic Alignment

The very first evaluation metric centers around a brand’s alignment with the defined business strategy and the ability of employees to clearly express brand promise. In the consumer-facing world, the best example to relate to strategic alignment are none other than Facebook and Twitter. Both social media giants in terms of their brand promise deliver conversations, connections, microblogging and communications for users and advertising options for brands.

2-     Employee Engagement 

For assessing a brand’s health, it is also important to inquire about the extent to which a company’s employees understand brand values, their level of motivation by its promise and how proficient they are in telling the brand’s story. Reconnoitering the brand’s communication and refining it is necessary, both internally and externally especially when stakeholders speak to the media.

To determine whether everyone inside the organization is resonating identically, carry out an internal online survey yourself or seek help from online branding service providers to check how aware are they with the company’s messaging and if a refresher is required.

3-     Customer Perception

Another concern that needs to be addressed is the perception of customers to a brand’s promise and values along with how likely are the chances for recommendations from others based on personal experience. It is important to understand that a brand is not necessarily what it said about it rather what their customers say it is.

If the feedback you’re receiving isn’t up to your defined standards, companies can refer to brand building services to deliver on the brand promise to ensure that a brand is perceived well in the market.

4-     Marketing Effectiveness

Simply put, it is a measure of the extent to which internal teams are focused on the right priorities, delivery, effectiveness and management of the brand correctly. Usually, to see this, branding agencies or internal C-level people use a myriad of customer engagement tools to find out the effectiveness.

5-     Tracking & Informing 

For this, companies need to evaluate their current data sources and performance management systems to get a better idea of how things are working out.

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The answer to these questions can help you grasp a more realistic picture of your brand’s health. While this approach would do a great deal, it is recommended to refer to a seasoned, trusted practitioner or a branding company in UAE

Originally Published February 20, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated April 23, 2019.

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