8 Best Chatbot Examples to Help Businesses Augment Customer Experience

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Automated communications have come a long way in terms of creating avenues for businesses and verticals alike. With the ecosystem maturing, business goals such as convenient service and rapid response are being efficiently catered via intelligent communication solutions.

To help businesses provide seamless experiences, nurture meaningful conversations and increase ROI via AI-enabled chatbots, we are going to share the best chatbot examples from the world’s top brands to help you create your very own customized communication platform.

1.      Emirates Vacations

2.      National Geographic Einstein Bot

3.      Kia

4.      Madison Reed

5.      Civilized Caveman

6.      Bud Light

7.      Dominos

8.      Bank of America

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Chatbot Example #1: Emirates Vacations

Emirates Vacations was facing a low CTR of almost .35% for its display ads. To cater this, the company developed a chatbot within its display ads that incorporated different visuals and bot sequences based on user behavior. 

Results: -

·         Engagement rates increased to 87% since its deployment in 2018.

Key Takeaways: -

·         Provide frictionless experiences

·         Create relevant user journeys

·         Oversee things from the user’s point of view

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Chatbot Example #2: National Geographic

To promote their show “Genius”, National Geographic created a conversational chatbot who spoke just like Einstein would. Unlike other companies, who fill up your chat window with promotions, Nat Geo’s Einstein bot followed user conversation and replied with key information about the show and other interesting bits. By having such a chatbot implemented, people felt like talking to an interactive virtual person.

Results: -

·         Longer conversations

·         50% increase in user engagement

Key Takeaways: -

·         Use chatbots to create a conversational experience

·         Engage in an interactive way

·         Do away with old chat sequences

Chatbot Example #3: Kia

Kia being a popular name in the automotive industry uses a chatbot to turn Messenger into a viable means for information.

Results: -

·         Generated 3x more interactions compared to their official website

·         Engages with over to 100,000 users per week

·         Experienced a 21% increase in conversion rate

Key Takeaways: -

·         Collect user data to improve retargeting

·         Offer various services under one umbrella

·         Imitate human interactions to connect   

Chatbot Example #4: Madison Reed

Madison Reed uses a chatbot to help find its customers their desired hair color. Although being a text-based conversational tool, it also allows people to submit their selfies to access a wide range of product recommendations.

Results: -

·         Increased customer engagement

·         Increased retention

·         Increased sales

Key Takeaways: -

·         Know your audience’s language

·         Solve key problems

·         Ask questions that matter

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Chatbot Example #5: Civilized Caveman

Civilized Caveman was one of the first brands to conduct a Facebook Messenger bot quiz. Users who participated in their 1-minute “sugar quiz” were given a 7-day detox plan to build lasting relationships with their client base.

Result: -

·         Conversational tone resulted in more engagement

Key Takeaways: -

·         Start quizzes to engage users

·         Use images to boost engagement. 

Chatbot Example #6: Bud Light

Bud Light’s chatbot solution reminds subscribers about the stock in fridge, sends customized team cans and delivers beverages on the game day.

Result: -

·         It saw an 83% engagement rate during the 2017 campaign.

Key takeaways: -

·         Create tailored experiences

·         Stay contextual and add value

Chatbot Example #7: Dominos

Dominos interactive Pizza Bot, helped customers re-order previous orders, cater customer service concerns, offer a full menu and trace deliveries all in Messenger.

Result: -

·         More convenience equals more orders and engagement 

Key takeaways: -

·         Make your chatbot easily accessible

·         Engage at scale and with fun

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Chatbot Example #8: Bank of America

Erica, the financial assistant from the Bank of America can support customers in terms of bank balance information, budgeting suggestions, billing and transactions.

Result: -

·         Users grew over 7 million

·         Over 50 million transactions done

Key takeaways: -

·         Become an advisor

·         Provide helpful content

·         Easy transactions

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Originally Published April 17, 2020 02:00 PM, Updated April 20, 2020.

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