AI Chatbots Business Applications: Key Constituent for an Amplified Customer Experience & ROI Augmentation

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Business Applications of AI Chatbots

The massive boom of AI technologies and the propagation of communication apps led to the creation of chatbots. This disruptive innovation has opened numerous avenues for enterprises, enabling them to engage with customers round the clock and to offer amplified experiences throughout their transaction journey from pre-sales to post sales.

Being hailed as the modern means of customer services, Chatbots are allowing brands and verticals to build loyalty by doing away with human limitations.

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How Chatbots Gives Businesses a Competitive Advantage Over their Rivals?

They have heavily penetrated in nearly all business operations ranging from answering questions, receiving help from manuals to cater complex concerns to AI chatbots that operate smartly via machine learning to carry out user tasks based on preferences and patterns.  A recent survey reveals that nearly 80% of businesses globally are planning to have a chatbot system implemented by 2020. As consumer-facing industries are all about experience, the earlier the implementation takes place, the better.

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Practical Applications of AI Chatbots in Services

Ø  Chatbots can be implemented for specialized tasks just as hiring a taxi, ordering online, and accomplishing tasks when integrated with IoT devices. Also, businesses can utilize them for inventory management and orders.

Ø  Chatbots can also augment service quality and mobile experiences. Utilizing chatbots in mobile apps allows businesses to interact seamlessly owing to the provision of browsing, evaluating, purchasing and support from a single interface. Moreover, they add value to customer interaction by delivering smart messages via big data, personalization, and machine learning.

Ø  They can help eradicate human limitations by allowing customer services representatives to engage with multiple people at the same time enabling core human resource allocation on more important tasks. Bringing Chatbots to the workforce decreases lead time, increases customer base and helps target new prospects.

Practical Applications of AI Chatbots in Sales

Ø  They assist customers in making the right choices for goods and services. With Chatbots, guiding customers also becomes less of an effort.

Ø  Chatbots also work best for capitalizing on upselling and cross-selling opportunities.  Owing to their amazing selling capabilities, they also decrease cart abandonment rate.

Ø  The reason why most corporations refer to chatbot companies for custom development services is because it allows them to create personalized experiences based on their business type. Moreover, Chatbots help categorize audience and provide customized experiences on a case-to-case basis.

Ø  While Chatbots can benefit people from all age segments, they can easily be targeted to the millennial segment owing to the audience’s acquaintance with technology. 

Ø  The power of chatbots can also be leveraged to support interactive marketing initiatives. They represent an active user experience that can help reach out to a larger audience.

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Benefits for Business: Chatbots in a Nutshell

Chatbots create a win-win situation for businesses owners as well as their customers. They provide a great user experience and journey while providing real-time information and round-the-clock resolution to queries. They can automate important processes and can easily carry out repetitive tasks. One of the biggest advantages they offer is that users don't have to download or sign into anything thus they offer ultimate accessibility and usability.

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Originally Published February 21, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated April 15, 2019.

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