What is digital marketing? Here is a look into who, what and why of hiring the right digital marketing company for your business.

Written by Safeer ur Rehman

I recently happened to visit a newly opened café in my vicinity and to my utter surprise, despite the fact that this was a much needed establishment since there aren’t any other cafes nearby, this one had no guests other than myself and a friend. One might think that a poor ambiance or bad food could trigger such a harsh response but none of that seemed to be the reason. It ticked all the right boxes in terms of food and ambiance. Only when I spoke to the owner did I realize that the problem was their marketing.

They simply weren’t getting discovered by their target audience. This is not the first time a business has reached at a point where it might end up getting closed down due to a poor or no marketing strategy in place. Cbinsights places poor marketing among the top 10 reasons for the startup failures. Hiring a capable digital marketing agency won’t just save you from such a fate but it would also work as a much needed Launchpad for your business.

Deciding whether or not you need to hire a company offering digital marketing services is the easy part, deciding which one to hire is the real deal. Here at BCM we offer world class SEO services in UAE to clients from a range of different industries, so we decided to put together a guide that might help you in your decision making.

Here is everything you need to consider while hiring an agency.

Identify your goals

Before you start exploring your options, it’s important that you define what goals exactly you want to achieve for your business. Bear in mind that not all agencies are cut from the same fabric and they only specialize in one or two areas usually. Only by knowing the goals and the outcomes you look forward to achieving for your business would you realize what type of agency is best suited for you.

If you want to establish good a social media presence then you need to look for an agency that offers a complete range of social media marketing services whereas if you are looking to gain more traffic and boost conversions through paid campaigns then you need to look for an agency with a proven record in paid marketing services.

Look for an agency with a demonstrable portfolio

Any reputed agency would proudly demonstrate all the major clients or brands it has worked with. You could always go through the clients enlisted in the agency’s portfolio to see if it has done a good job for them. For instance if the agency has handled a client’s social media or website development then you may go through their work to check out their design, development and creative capabilities.

Agencies with no visible portfolio are either comparatively new or they have not worked with any notable client so far. Unless you are on a strict budget, working with such an agency would be an experiment and one thing you should never do is experiment with your business.

Don’t fall for unrealistic promises

You might come across a lot of agencies that would promise instant results and inflated figures that may sound too good to be true and that’s because they usually aren’t. Marketing can sure do wonders for your business but building an empire overnight is not among them. Ranking your business quicker without following the due process sounds intriguing but it just isn’t possible.

Final thoughts

Hiring a digital marketing agency is a dynamic process that requires you to consider myriad of factors or you would end up getting stuck with an incompetent team of noobs who won’t know any better. Be sure to go through their portfolio, work samples and the team to determine whether or not they would be able to handle your project.


Originally Published November 10, 2020 12:00 AM, Updated November 11, 2020.

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