Top 5 reasons why you need to switch to programmatic advertising

Written by Safeer ur Rehman

Automation – it’s what’s trending now and is going to rule pretty much all facets of marketing and e commerce businesses in the future. Unless you want to become the Nokia of digital marketing, you better start working on automation now or risk becoming irrelevant in the years to come. Speaking of automation, programmatic marketing takes it to a whole new level. From faster reporting to greater ROI, programmatic marketing offers tons of benefits to marketers as well as the ad publishers. Before we delve into how exactly it can significantly cut down your marketing costs and minimize human interference, let’s have a quick look at what programmatic marketing is:

What is programmatic advertising?

If you had to list down the top challenges PPC experts face today, they would include targeting, budgeting and having to manually set up the campaigns on different advertising platforms which could take numerous man hours, not to mention there is always a room for the human error. With Programmatic marketing you can do all of the above and more with a lot less effort. It helps you automate your media buying through real time bidding across multiple platforms making it a faster and more efficient way to advertise online. 

There are two types of programmatic platforms i.e. demand side platforms (DSP) used by the advertisers and supply side platforms (SSP) used by the publishers. Since this blog is about why marketers and businesses need to start using programmatic advertising so it is primarily going to focus on the DSP.

Here are the top 5 reasons you need to switch to programmatic advertising if you want to survive and thrive in the years to come;

  1. Better Transparency for more control

When you hire a traditional ad or PR agency to run an ad on the television you expect them to give you a detailed plan that not only contains which networks it is going to be aired at but also what would be the frequency of that ad. In the world of paid marketing, knowing things like what audience is your ad being shown to? What platforms is it reaching? Which websites and devices are you getting the most response from? What additional costs are being associated with your ad campaigns? Could make a world of a difference. Programmatic advertising gives you an additional layer of transparency that allows you to micromanage and better optimize your campaigns in real time as we do here at the Bester capital media.

  1. Avoid ad scams

Knowing the answer to the above questions sure helps but a lot of times your ads are being viewed by the bots instead of actual people which is still going to cost you but those bots cannot possibly turn into paying customers which not only tanks your conversion rate but also burns your marketing budget a lot faster. Programmatic advertising can help you avoid such scams through their advanced AI algorithms that are built to identify the fake traffic and divert your ads elsewhere.

  1. The Omni channel approach

As marketers we need to ensure that we don’t miss any opportunity to reach out to our target audience but the problem is, it’s becoming more and more challenging to get a hold of your target audience on a single channel as the number of channels people spend their time on has grown significantly. Through programmatic advertising platforms, you are not just able to address your audience simultaneously on their smartphones, desktops and tablets but you also get valuable insights like which device are your customers most active at and which device is generating more response. 

  1. Expanding your audience 

We could all randomly target a broad audience and hope to get the most out of our ad campaigns but the old spray and pray approach just doesn’t work anymore. Behavioral targeting is one of the most efficient methods to reach your target audience. With marketers always looking to expand their potential target audience to achieve more conversions, audience extension is no less than a blessing. The ad publishers give the advertisers access to a greater audience that matches their user persona which benefits the publishers as well as the advertisers.

Why buy a limited inventory from a single publisher’s site when you could get your ads published all over the web on sites that are frequently visited by your target audience? 

  1. Better & Faster Reporting 

Whether you are running ad campaigns for your own business or you are an agency that is doing it for clients, reporting is critical to determining how your campaigns have been doing and whether or not you need a change in your strategy. As important as it is, compiling and processing data from different platforms can be challenging and can take up a lot of your time. 

With programmatic platforms you can measure the key marketing metrics like CTR, brand awareness, conversion rate and much more in a more efficient manner. The fact that you can get a faster access and a more granular look at the reporting data, makes programmatic advertising a comprehensive tool for your weekly and monthly reporting.

Final word 

While many marketers are yielding the benefits of programmatic buying, a lot of businesses still rely on the old methods because they either lack the technical abilities or they are hesitant to make the switch. If you are a business that is interested in programmatic advertising you can always reach out to us to get a free quote.

Originally Published December 7, 2020 12:00 AM, Updated December 7, 2020.

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