List of the Best Restaurants in Dubai Winning Via Digital Transformation

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Cracking the recipe for digital transformation success can affect one’s restaurant at a large scale. Considering the downfall & faced pressures of the casual dining industry, restaurants are now finding ways to upscale their business while ensuring world-class service at affordable prices.

With the main aim of achieving near perfect fill rates, slashing costs reduction, inventory management, increased shelf life and sustainable profitability, restaurant owners in Dubai now understand how they can leverage technology to place all cards in their favor. 

Getting a centralized system though seems near to possible for new bees, harnessing the power of technology can help restaurants liaison with all key stakeholders, onboarding trading & fulfillment partners and coordinate their planning and execution activities around the consumer demand in real-time thus ensured success in the long run.  

So, to acquaint you with how digital adopters are winning big & what are their core competencies, here’s a list of entities that are digitally advanced than most restaurant businesses in Dubai.

Chili's – Social Media Marketing  

For the past four decades, Chili’s has been welcoming its guests with good food. With the passage of time, the restaurant has understood the power of digital and has been actively involved in creating a strong social media presence since then. On their social entities, you can find them doing a great job in terms of displaying their menu, covering events, sharing customer feedback & reviews, publicizing new openings and carrying out all kinds of brand communication activities. At Chili’s social media pages, you’ll usually find social media competitions being held which are a good addition for keeping their audience connected and engaged.

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Bombay Chowpatty - Brand Activation

Bombay Chowpatty is a famous Indian restaurant in Dubai that has gained a lot of popularity in the MENA region owing to its great marketing strategy and of course great food. Capitalizing on effective brand activation disciplines, the restaurant chain is driving consumer action through brand interaction and experiences. Their campaigns are centered on bringing the brand to life via experiences and forming long-term emotional connections. Moreover, their strategic partnerships with malls and food delivery services have also led to them to success in terms of brand awareness and generating mature sales.

Mobile Application Development/App Store Optimization- Pizza Hut  

Considering that things have gone mobile, leading pizzerias have transited to cross mobile platforms to further add to the convenience of their customers and the case for Pizza Hut is no different. The restaurant chain’s mobile application fully serves its purpose right by giving customers access to ordering online, checking out the latest deals, repeat orders, location finding, online payment & much more. Also, their mobile application is optimized as per the defined guidelines, making them searchable whenever anyone looks for a pizza.

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Web Development/Search Engine Optimization - Nay Restaurant & Lounge

Nay restaurant is a very popular Lebanese food place that shows up on nearly every search term when people look for restaurants in Dubai. Having done a tremendous job in Search Engine Optimization of their website, Nay Restaurant is catching all search customers owing to their great SEO strategy. Ensuring a fine dining experience, the restaurant works tirelessly to maintain a strong digital presence with focus centered more on reaching people organically, i.e. without the use of paid campaigns. Also, their website is structured in such a way that makes every piece of information easily accessible.

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Video Content/ TVC Production- Renaissance Hotels

Renaissance is the monarch of the hospitality industry in Dubai. Having 160 hotels worldwide, Renaissance’s TVCs take it to an all new level by portraying the best of everything. Owing to the fact that technology is transforming all forms of marketing, brands such as Renaissance are continually trying to identify the ideal marketing mix that ensures the best possible return on investment. Their TVCs are a true illustration of their business’s philosophy and it is clearly depicted in their production thus helping them capitalize on the right audience at the right time.

Digital Billboards (ATL)- Meydan Hotel

Digital displays have undoubtedly disrupted traditional marketing by enabling a trajectory of brands to create innovative experiences to connect with customers. These digital screens have now become a vital component of marketing and merchandising strategies centered on immersive content. Returns on digital signage far outdo print and are estimated to grow over 50% by 2020. The forecast growth trend is attributed to an increase in customers making purchases at restaurants thus making the adoption of Digital Billboards easier.

Dubai being a hub of foreign visitors offers a myriad of hotel and restaurant options to choose from. When it comes to Digital Billboards, nothing beats Meydan Hotel. Owing to its massive spending on digital signage and quality services, the hotel is able to attract tourists from all over the world.

Predictive Analytics, Data & Artificial Intelligence – Hard Rock Cafe

The idea of smarter restaurants is now a reality. International chains such as Hard Rock Café are utilizing AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven customer engagement strategies and predictive analytics to seamlessly gain intelligent insights and increase ROI via automated marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.

To meet the requirements of modern diners, food chains are now leveraging the power of big data and CRM for restaurants to enable them to make smarter decisions for the business.

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PR & Influencer Marketing – Le Cirque

Influencer marketing is a beastly powerful form of advertising that focuses on influential people marketing the sponsor’s products and services using their own audience base.  Le Cirque has teamed up with “The Hedonist” for its testimonial advertising initiatives. This partnership has led Le Cirque to massive success both in terms of sales and brand awareness.

The call for digital transformation is positively affecting the restaurant industry. Just a few years ago, no one would have imagined interacting with a national restaurant chain on the Internet–and using a custom app on one’s smartphone. In the competition to deliver new offerings and improved service, companies are trying hard to ensure an amplified experience.

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Originally Published March 12, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated March 12, 2019.

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