How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Content Marketing?

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Content marketing involves a large amount of work ranging from creating quality content to marketing it to the right people to ensure maximum interaction. If your content isn’t being seen by the right type of audience, you’ll end up wasting all your time and effort.  

To reduce the time required to curate content, Artificial Intelligence is playing a crucial to meet the increasingly demanding digital marketing requirements of today.

Apart from relying on human skill alone, enterprises are now focusing on adopting AI tools to produce content more quickly and to market it to the most relevant audience more efficiently.


A recent survey conducted by Salesforce reveals that 51% of digital marketers are already using AI tools and 27% are expected to adopt them before the end of 2k19.

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How AI Paving the Way?

In the past, digital marketers were reluctant to embrace AI, fearing that results delivered by technology are uncertain i.e. a computer can never be as smart as a human.

This argument does remain true to some extent as plenty of creative areas where human expertise is required cannot be substituted with a machine.

The reality, however, is quite different. Apart from the creative part, AI will always outperform when it comes to analyzing insights, judging intent, automation, personalization and ensuring higher conversion rates.

Cutting down the time digital marketer spend on sifting through large amounts of analytics data, AI tools combined with innovative machine learning algorithms can help in processing large amounts of data in the least time period and that too with higher accuracy rates.

Whether it's identifying the most suitable keywords, planning content initiatives, optimizing current content or personalizing marketing collateral, AI can complete these tasks in a fraction of time a human would normally take. 

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Artificial Intelligence Can Do It All

1- Keyword Intent Identification

One of the most practical examples of how AI is speeding up content marketing is the discovery of right keywords, segmentation and grouping, all of this would have taken a humongous amount of time if done manually.

AI tools by utilizing natural language processing and machine learning can get the tasks done more efficiently and can augment your keyword filtering procedures to match your PPC and SEO goals.

Moreover, AI can easily spot behavioral patterns, topics, and user-intent which can easily be missed during a manual search.

2- Expanding on Blog Topics

For businesses, it can be quite difficult to find topics to talk about over your blog. For many content marketers, the hardest part is brainstorming relevant topics. The discovery of topics takes hours and even weeks searching for inspiration. Finding topics for new blog posts is another area where Artificial Intelligence can help.

AI can also help you track your competitors’ websites and identify content changes in real time. By having access to seeing what your competitors are publishing, businesses can identify content gaps in their own content marketing strategy and improve upon.

By utilizing AI, the topic section part is done efficiently and only the creative work is left on the content marketers side. 

3- Enhance Personalization

If you have a list of different emails, you’ll understand the importance of personalized targeting. Gone are the days when marketers used identical emails to target contacts, now to ensure reasonable responses, they segment contacts and target individual groups or people of similar interests.

Personalizing content and A/B testing email marketing campaigns manually is a time-consuming errand, this is where AI plays its part by getting down to the individual customer level for effective targeting and engagement via tailored collateral and landing pages that best suit their interests.

4- Evaluate Individual Responses

Artificial Intelligence can identify the engagement metrics of marketing campaigns and can provide valuable insights to optimize for the future. AI can also use a customer’s browsing or purchase history to recommend products or web pages at the right time which may be of interest to them and improve upon provided feedback.

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Employing Artificial Intelligence allows digital marketers to personalize their collateral and provide their consumers with the content that is relevant.

Instead of struggling to analyze data manually, businesses can leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Automation to do all the hard work leaving you free to do the more rewarding creative tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about AI-infused marketing solutions, refer to our digital marketing services page.



Originally Published April 18, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated April 23, 2019.

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