Here is everything you need to know about improving your UI/UX for better rankings

Written by Safeer ur Rehman

Unless you have been living off the grid for the past few years in an attempt to escape the fast changing digital landscape, you would know what role does your UI and UX play in your online rankings. We have all heard SEO and digital marketing experts talk about how important your design or UI is when it comes to appearing in the top searches, but they rarely talk about the best ways to actually do it. So we decided to put together a list of pro tips about how best to optimize your website design from the SEO perspective.

Go Smart, Go Mobile

Now, this is not exactly a news that google had introduced the mobile first indexing policy back in 2019 considering the growing number of the people searching through mobile devices. According to statcounter the mobile searches were leading the desktop searches by a whopping 7% in April 2020. While the trend has changed since then in the UAE, mobile searches are still leading the desktop searches globally by over 1%. With all the hype surrounding 5G, it seems quite obvious that future belongs to the mobile searches so one cannot stress enough on making your website responsive to mobile devices.

For starters, you can begin by using clear text, fonts and incorporating rich media i.e. images, gifs, and videos to your pages. It is recommended to have some visuals above the fold as not only does it look aesthetically pleasing but it also offers a look into what the page is about and what information it contains.

The last thing you want is to shoot an arrow in the dark and expect favorable outcomes. So, you can always go ahead and see if your website is mobile friendly on the Google’s very own tool to check mobile responsiveness.

Organize your content in a meaningful way

Let’s face it, when you are looking for a specific piece of information on a website or a document, you hate to waste your time skimming through all the unnecessary information which may or may not be relevant to what you are looking for. That’s where headings come in. We all appreciate a well sorted content and so does Google. There should only be one H1 on one page and the rest of the content should be categorized under the subheadings as H2, H3 and so on.

Better yet, it’s a good practice to offer some sort of categories at the top of the page to help users navigate through it.

Understand what your users want

This is the part where you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and understand what kind or format of information your users might be interested in if they are coming through a certain query. For instance, if you went to a website to see how to open an iPhone, would you rather read through an extensive guide or prefer a video showing how it’s done?

Similarly, it wouldn’t be wise to bombard a visitor with a bunch of content when they are clearly looking to buy something. Keep the user intent at the center of all your design strategies.

Don’t be afraid to take some inspiration

Taking inspiration from your competitors that are already ranked might be the oldest trick in the book but it still works. A lot of times you get almost everything right in your design execution but you still fail to rank it. That’s because you are still missing out on something that others are doing. They may be going an extra mile or they could be doing everything that you are but with a bit of a twist. So, the next time you are doing your competitor research, try and dig a little deeper and see what exactly is it that makes them stand out.

Take away message

Your UI is one thing that can make or break your online presence. Not only is it critical to your overall brand image but it’s also a key factor that Google takes into consideration for ranking. You sure need to incorporate a seamless functionality to an impeccable design but that’s just a prerequisite, you need to go beyond that and your end goal should be to offer convenience to your users.

Whether you are looking to revamp your website design or want to make a new one that is in compliance with the latest search engine guidelines, get in touch with us to discuss your design strategy today. We are a leading design and development agency that offers UI and UX services in UAE.

Originally Published October 5, 2020 12:00 AM, Updated October 19, 2020.

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