Google’s Latest Algorithm Update Incorporates Neural Matching in Local Search

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

If you’ve been experiencing a change in local search results, then its probably because of Google’s recent update in its algorithm. In early November, the internet giant announced its new local search update that makes use of neural matching to better understand words related to concepts.

Official Announcement from Google

What’s The New Update All About?

Google’s new update revolves around understanding user queries in accordance with the intent, especially in those cases where the business name or description isn’t provided. Being a global release, this update has impacted every country and language Google has access to.

The internet giant claims that it had begun using neural matching back in 2018 to better understand search queries. Similar to BERT and RankBrain algorithms, the new neural matching update helps Google enhance query mapping to results.

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The Neutral Matching is Impacting Search Results at Scale

By far neural matching has impacted over 30% of queries so observing ranking changes in local search results is as evident as it should be. For businesses to avoid losing critical ranking, relevance, prominence and distance should never be taken out of consideration.

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Originally Published December 6, 2019 11:41 AM, Updated December 6, 2019.

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