Effective Ways for Generating Leads for Restaurants in Dubai

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

So, you’ve started an eatery and now you want customers to just jump right in to enjoy all the delicacies you have to offer.  After the grand opening of your new restaurant, you’d probably be wondering where the people are or maybe you’re noticing how the food place right across the street is having more crowd.  

Well, to be honest, you should be concerned and you need a solution to fill out seats with paying customers. Whether you’re a chic coffee shop or a full-service restaurant, applying a lead generation strategy at the earliest should be your foremost concern.

The Question is How Do You Do That?

The utopia of lead generation is quite enormous. So, to help you out, we’ll walk you through some of the most effective lead generation methods for restaurants.

Here are the 8 Things You Need to Know to Keep New Customers Coming in: -

1. Grow Your Email List

Well, the more data you’ll have, the more chances will be for closing sales- it is as simple as that!

You can attach subscription forms onto your website to gather all the valuable email addresses to shoot out your marketing collateral when needed.  You can also attach an email subscribe form to your Facebook page for added convenience.

By utilizing this method, you can easily build your email list whenever your customers are learning about your restaurant.

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2. Create Engaging Video Content

One of the most effective ways for generating leads is making your presence in online communities. Restaurants can make DIY videos or maybe share some recipes or just share a recent customer’s experience- the possibilities are endless. You’ll be surprised to know how well video content works when developing brand identity. You want your visitors to think of your business whenever they think something related to food.

3. Be Proud to Tell Your Restaurant's Story

People out there are dying to read about something inspirational. Let them know how you came up with the idea of making a restaurant in Dubai, what emotional value does cooking carry for you, mention the humble beginnings & share by far achievements. This activity would definitely create word of mouth and chances are that your customers will find it interesting and they’ll even encourage their friends to come to eat at your place.

4. Pay Attention to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Being in the business isn’t just about making money, it should be about how you are making a positive difference and contributing to the betterment of others around. Maybe one of your best customers is sick, all they want is something to cheer up or maybe you can raise money for the needy. It adds a lot of value to your business that you’re not only serving the privileged rather you care about bringing happiness to the faces of others too. Never be skimpy when considering to spend for a worthwhile cause.

5. Create a Blog

Share value adding stories for your audience. Though we don’t recommend leaking out your secret ingredient, the content you produce should be useful for your customers. You may write about different cuts of meat, spices, calories and much of the sort. Ask people to contribute & don’t forget to give them a shutout when they do so. Hell, you can even share your favorite author’s cookbook, who knows you might end up with a strategic partnership with them in the future. Having a celeb onboard is always helpful but landing more customers is evenly important.

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6. Regularly Update Offers /Deals /Menu

Who doesn’t like saving hard earned cash?

Come up with offers & deals to add value to your customer’s purchase. Use social media to market your offers because that is where most of your target audience would be. The more you’ll be active on social media platforms, the more customers you’ll end up closing.

Always publicize your menu on all digital platforms so that people know about the type of cuisine you specialize in.

7. Promote your Restaurant's Mobile App

Go mobile- No one has the time to type in your website every then & now. Get a mobile application developed and regularly send updates to the ones who download it. Don’t mind giving an extra discount on new downloads. Once you have your mobile application up & running, do a little research on App Store Optimization or let the professionals handle it.

8. Make the Reservation Process Super Easy

The restaurant industry is all about creating avenues for the customer’s convenience. Be sure to streamline & simplify processes for booking a reservation at your restaurant. This way your host can cater more customers coming into the restaurant instead of making them wait for ages.

Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas on how you can craft an effective lead generation strategy for your restaurant.  

The BCM Game Plan for Lead Generation of Restaurants in Dubai

In order to carve out a practical & effective lead generation strategy for restaurants in Dubai, we at Bester Capital Media dig deep into the niche by analyzing insights, consumer behavior & the currently applicable sales funnels. We take into consideration the B2C focused product through communication, brand personification and user experience to strategically quadruple the number of sales.

The whole lead generation process is quite tough as it requires an analytical yet creative approach for targeting customers. If you think that there aren’t enough hours in the day to run your restaurant while focusing on successfully marketing it to help drive in new customers, then there’s literally no need to worry. We do understand that managing everything from food ordering to hiring new employees, training your staff, paying bills and so on is rather difficult.

If lead generation for your restaurant seems a hard nut to crack, feel free to book a free appointment with us to learn more about how we can help you land customers on your food business.



Originally Published March 13, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated March 13, 2019.

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