Digital Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Businesses in Dubai

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Having a recently developed ecommerce business is a challenge in itself with companies having least knowledge of digital marketing strategies to boost their site, blog and social media mediums. Today’s post covers the core stuff required to attract customers to your store.

Crack Audience Intent

When you work with digital media campaigns, you come across a wide range of options when it comes to customer segmentation. Businesses should be able to understand their audience to avoid spending unnecessary marketing budget on ads that show up to people who are least interested in your offerings. To juice out maximum results, dedicate some time to define your audience before starting advertising.

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Google Shopping

Shopping ads are a perfect way to drive relevant traffic to your ecommerce. Coupling Google’s other advertising modules with shopping to showcase customer ads searching for your products. While doing so, it’s essential to showcase the item’s pictures, description and price.

Retargeting Really Helps

Remarketing ads will help you bring back visitors that landed on your website without making a purchase.  This marketing strategy proves to be effective for ecommerce businesses as it allows them to be on their customer’s mind and rethink their purchasing decision.  

Use Instagram to Your Advantage

Being one of the fastest growing social media platforms globally, it plays a great part in building your professional profile. Over 200 million Instagram users visit one business profile daily, it offers a potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users, 62% of people said that they’ve become interested in a brand or product after seeing in their stories feed, about 130 million Instagram users look into shopping posts every month.

The launch of Instagram’s shopping module on its platform marked a major shift in the ecommerce space and offered online businesses a greater avenue for increasing their revenue. With tagged posts for different products, users can see shopping items and their price directing towards the product page on your website. Always ensure that your product catalog is synced with your Facebook shop authenticated with your Instagram business to promote your products.

Grow Your Newsletter List

Make sure to offer an incentive to visitors when they subscribe to your email list. Email channel will help you increase your ROI by driving interest from information seeking and decision making.

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Content Still Remains as King

Incorporating a blog on your ecommerce store will help you drive traffic and also improve SEO. After defining your customers, think about the kind of content that resonates with them.

Wrapping up

Trying to make your online business grow is not easy. It’s normal that you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the advertising channels available and not knowing where to start. We hope that these ecommerce marketing tips will help you plan ahead, measure results and see what works best for your specific business.

Originally Published May 18, 2020 04:00 PM, Updated May 18, 2020.

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