8 Must-Have Technologies for Restaurants in Dubai to Improve Their Business

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

Taking into consideration the massive flux of technological changes across industries, nearly all sorts of businesses are transiting from conventional ways of serving their customers to new innovation-led practices. While this wave of innovation is improving the means of how clients and prospects are dealt on a day-to-day basis, it is important to know what works best for specific businesses in terms of delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Out of all consumer-facing industries, the restaurant domain carries most importance as it is aimed at not only serving great food but also ensuring an unforgettable experience to maintain customer retention while bringing in more.

For restaurant owners in Dubai to improve their customer’s dining experience, keeping an eye on technology is vital as the industry is all about offering an amazing overall experience.

While initially, most food businesses won’t have the budget to implement all the wonders the technology domain has to offer, they can certainly plan for future and better identify loopholes.

Learning about where the future is heading & planning how to streamline restaurant operations will go a long way in terms of ensuring the overall success of a food business. The tech investments business owners make right now are destined to return in the future.

With the aim of boosting the efficiency of restaurants, amplifying customer experience & increasing their ROI, below are the 8 must-have technologies that illustrate the future of the restaurant industry.

  • Interactive Tables


People love to play with gadgets and interactive tables are a definite “Yes” when it comes to making a restaurant’s operations efficient. It will help your customers browse from a plethora of options ranging from menu, wait time, charges and much more. Having every piece of information and functionality at their fingertips, your customers will enjoy an unmatched dining experience at your restaurant.

This feature can help a lot as some customers aren’t accustomed to the fancy names of the dishes. Yeah, it is hard to pronounce “Mascarpone”!

  • Feedback Features


Restaurant-goers just love leaving feedback and restaurant owners can make it easy for them by simply adding up this feature. While there are hundreds of ways of doing it, most common could be simply adding happy/sad face buttons to the interactive tables or applications when a customer goes ahead and pays for the meal. This simple interface will help business owners to capture the customer’s immediate impression of the experience & can help rectify the valid concerns thus ensuring improved services & offerings.

  • A Website


Before visiting a restaurant, customers will certainly visit your website.  This is where businesses can show prospects how cool they are in terms of service, food & pricing. Restaurant owners can go ahead and let their customers know much of a welcoming environment they provide. Also, having a website developed will help to capture online orders, reservations, delivery & payments. If you don’t have a website yet, then feel free to refer to our web development services section to learn more about how we can help you create a fascinating digital presence.

  • Online Booking with a Floor-plan


Restaurant owners can also integrate an online booking feature to allow their customers to check the availability of seats. You may also revise the pricing strategy for certain areas, seats near the sea view for example.

  • Meal Progress Bar


One of the major issues customers face when being in a restaurant is constantly asking for the serving time- normally when the time exceeds the commitment. Having a meal progress bar will help calm down both dine-in & delivery customers to see the progress of their orderThis technology can be implemented at the table screens as well as on the website & mobile app.

  • Free Wi-Fi

Free Wifi

Everybody loves free internet. Restaurant owners should give their customers access to free Wi-Fi to let them seamlessly share memories on their social media accounts. The best part is it also helps you buy some time ;-).

Offering free Wi-Fi is a smart business decision as it will help you keep your customers engaged as well as increase chances of publicity & word of mouth spreading.

  • Loyalty Programs


Provide a loyalty program for your customers, offer them points to redeem at every purchase to catalyze the order repeat cycle.  Have this functionality developed from your technology provider to enable a chain reaction of repeat orders & referrals.

With the right restaurant technologies in place, food businesses can enhance their customer experience and boost sales. In order to have your restaurant’s technology needs examined, connect with Bester Capital Media today to learn about programs that will work best for you.


Originally Published January 16, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated May 27, 2019.

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