5 Tips To Help You Make Smarter Business Decisions with Surveys

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel

All enterprises agree that customer satisfaction is vital for long- term success. Encouraging repeat orders isn’t easy owing to the surplus of competitors in the market. Businesses need to be able to better understand their customers’ intentions, needs and pain-points to stay competitive. To create unparalleled omni-channel experiences, businesses need to focus on constant analysis of feedback and audience signals, prediction of consumer behavior & evaluation of market trends.

This effect leads businesses to asking one question How do we know what people want?

Today’s leading marketing agencies know that data-driven insights are the holy grail of creating great digital experiences. Here, it is also important to mention that less than 40% of companies and marketer are utilizing data to drive decisions.

Conducting consumer research was expensive and time-consuming in the past but now finding answers to questions has become far easier due to online surveying tools. The new digital process is more streamlined and helps to augment the team’s performance.

Moreover, the online tools help gather valuable research that’s not only easily accessible but cost effective as well.  

So, to eliminate all the guesswork, let’s take you through the top 5 ways you can use surveys to make your next business move.

1. Test Creative Collateral Before Campaign Launch

Developing a 360 ° marketing campaign involves huge responsibility, critical thinking, creative mindset and reliance on data. Allow your creative team to break free with their thoughts to develop collateral as the more intriguing it will be the better. Take opinions from the team and carry out A/B testing to see what performs well. Let the team take risks while making sure that they’re in the right direction. To stay competitive, always gauge the reaction of your audience and optimize accordingly.

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2. Identify Trends Early

As the digital world transits at a fast pace, it is great to spot trends to mould your content strategy as per the need of the hour. You need to analyze whether this trend is meant to stay or will it resonate with your target audience.

Take reviews from your team and put data behind your ideas to uncover early insights into where the industry is heading.

For instance, the retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation as consumers are more likely to purchase via their smart devices rather than going to a brick and mortar store.

3. Understand Different Buyer Personas

Knowing your target audience is key to running the marketing wheel. You need to understand your customer’s demographics, their behaviors, their interests and what triggers them to take action.  Create campaigns that best serve their needs and craft messages that resonate. Here, survey data plays a crucial role in helping you uncover insights about different segments of audience.

4. See How People Perceive Your Company

Market research means more than just asking a defined set of questions regarding your company, it requires a deeper understanding of businesses operating in the similar domain. Learn more about how your competitors are carrying out business, their USPs, their delivery methodology, the impact they aim to make, CSR values, commitment to service and workflows.  Try to develop as a thought leader in the mind of your audience to better capture the emotional value before closing business deals.

5. Get Feedback On New Product Ideas

No great business is developed without taking risks and going the extra mile. Businesses can minimize their risks by testing the waters first before creating a new product line or branching out new concepts. Brands need to survey public as well as see what solutions are there in the market to estimate competitiveness.

When searching for ways to create a value proposition for a new product line, it’s important to learn about behavior trends in your industry. Surveys are a great option to uncover consumer insights and make data-driven business decisions because at the end of the day what matters most is your customers.

If you’re planning a product launch or starting a new line-up, do consult our digital media agency today to help you develop a staggering marketing strategy.

Originally Published May 2, 2019 12:00 AM, Updated May 2, 2019.

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