How UAE’s Top Businesses are Winning with Chatbots – Part 1: ECommerce

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The Bots have Won: Join the Winning Side To Save Your Business a LOT of Money!

Chatbots are no longer an option for anyone serious about staying ahead of business technology.

Companies like Sephora, Sukoon, Careem, Marriott, Trivago, and Coca-Cola are the pioneers in using chatbots effectively to increase returns. Marriott already has more than 3 different chatbots and Coca-Cola has developed bots for each major channel.

All industries including ECommerce, B2B, Healthcare, Education and Hospitality have seen a wide trend to deliver better, quick responses to minimize customer dissatisfaction with a brand and to cut customer care costs.

According to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020.


Where to apply chatbots to make sure you’re winning?

ECommerce. Customer Service. Travel. Tourism. Restaurants. Hospitality. Banking. Healthcare. HR. B2B. To put it shortly, all major industries are benefiting from chatbots, so it's simply a matter of which tasks can be enhanced smartly to minimize budgets and increase sales.

We'll be publishing in detail about each industry, so keep checking this space for the best ways to use chatbots for your business.

1. E-Commerce & Online Marketing


The ECommerce industry is the clearest winner of the chatbots implementation. With the small attention span of online shoppers, quick response is an essential requirement to make sure they don’t go to your competitors.

  • Sephora: increased the number of appointments by 11%.
  • Asos: increased the number of sales by 300% and found a 250% ROI. They also found a general increase in their engagement rate by 40%.

Here’s an example of an ECommerce chatbots making it easy for the shopper to find exactly what they need, without having to dedicate an entire team to do the same.


How how are marketers and ECommerce stores using bots?

1. Chatbot as an Email Substitute: Because chatbots have higher open rates and engagement rates than email, most marketers have effectively substituted their Email Automation efforts with custom chatbots development.

This helps quickly address hundreds of customers at the same time, while keeping the communication highly relevant and personalized to help website visitors get information.

2. Shortening Sales Cycles: Companies are using bots to segment audience and sell more relevant products and helps the visitor escalate through the sales funnel to shorten sale cycles. Because bots are more interactive and customized to various types of customers, it makes it easier to direct them to the part of your website that would help them and your business.

Call of Duty used an interactive chatbots that was so popular, it resulted in more than 6 Million interactions in the first 24hrs and increased their sales.


3. Relationships almost like Influencer Marketing: Bots are a lot more personal than social media marketing, so they help create a human-like connection for users who trust that they’ll find what they need with the bots’ quick assistance.

This helps brands replace costly influencer marketing or over-the-top social media campaigns with intelligent, personalized bots.


How do Chatbots Increase Sales?

ECommerce sales are increasingly rising for companies who have integrated an intelligent chatbots. The multiple ECommerce problems they’ve resolved include:

1. Upselling: Retailers are well aware that customers are 33% more likely to buy right after they’ve made the initial purchase.

Chatbots help you reach the individual customers with customized messages and products suggestion as soon as they’ve made a purchase, so their journey doesn’t end with a “Thank You” page, resulting in more sales than a standard ECommerce portal.

2. Abandoned Cart: Shopping carts are abandoned more than 68%, resulting in wasted Ads spend, social media spend, email marketing, and the time spent doing all of these.

Email has already proven to be useful in recovering abandoned carts by 50%. With chatbots performing better than email generally, it is highly recommended to put bots to use and recover even more cart abandons.

3. Contacts Segmentation & Prediction: Grouping clients into similar segments through chatbots helps you design tailored experiences for large number of customers.

Amazon’s “frequently bought together” and “customers who bought this item also bought” suggestion after predicting product preferences helps increase sales and keep customers engaged even after a purchase.

More than 35% of Amazon’s successful sales are are a result of product recommendations.

retail-ecommerce-chatbot-uaeBCM'S ECOMMERCE CHATBOT SOLUTION

How to Implement Bots for Ecommerce Successfully?

It would be unfair to suggest you start all possible chatbots solutions to your business right away. You need to start with a few customized, essential steps to make your chatbots investment a big win.

With time, you may grow your bot solutions and make the most of increasingly beneficial AI and Data Science applications for businesses in the UAE.

Because it is easy to go wrong with the incorrect implementation of chatbots, we believe it is essential to start messaging smartly.

Many businesses are implementing template-y, free chatbots that end up hurting their business instead of improving their sales.

We help you create highly valuable messages for your audience so they’re not angry at dealing with a non-interactive bot.

With messages like, “We see an online purchase on your credit card from Spain. Is this correct?” clients will value the communication that comes through the chatbots instead of getting annoyed.

We also make sure the bots you’re implementing help solve a problem before it occurs, increasing the trust and satisfaction that your customers expect.

With messages like “You’re about to be charged a fine for late payment. Please make a payment before end of day to avoid a fine.” clients will trust the business more for keeping their interest a priority.

Need to increase customer loyalty with chatbots? Check out our Chatbot Offer for Businesses in Dubai and across the UAE.

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Originally Published October 31, 2018 12:00 AM, Updated April 1, 2019.

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