How Small Businesses Compete With Giants Using SEO in UAE

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Small businesses in the UAE have a secret weapon for business acquisition.

To survive and reach sustainable growth, small businesses need to prioritize the key areas that can provide the most value.

Small businesses in the UAE

Running a small business is no easy task! From resource constraints to branding and promotion, small business owners struggle on multiple levels to meet the basic requirements that can enable them to compete effectively in the market.

This is where SEO comes in. SEO is particularly more useful to you as a small business owner than it is to others. How is that you might wonder?

Well, SEO is your surest and quickest way to even the playing field and beat your competition. Here are 6 ways in which SEO is useful for small business:

  1. Branding and Recognition: If your SEO is effective, it will ultimately lead to you being placed higher in search results. This is a simple, yet quick method to make a name for your brand. Also, being at the top of search results will automatically allow you to be perceived as a reliable industry player. Prioritizing an online presence in this digital age is the key to establishing a reputation and having a better market reach than your competitors.
  1. Generating Quality Traffic: SEO does not simply bring you web traffic and improve your visibility. The full benefits of SEO ensure that quality traffic is generated, which means brining in viewers who are likely to buy your business offering! With the smart use of tags and Meta data tailored to your target buyer and effective labeling of your photos, you can increase both your bottom line and SEO ranking.
  1. Round-the-Clock Marketing: As a small business owner, the one thing you lack most is time! SEO is a lifesaver in this regard as it allows you to connect with your ideal customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sales opportunities can be generated without needing your constant presence!


  1. Better User Engagement: By creating a more meaningful website, viewers would be more captivated in exploring your content. The longer they engage with your website, the better your SEO ranking will become leading to even more click-throughs and sales. Richer content on your website would capture potential customers in various phases of decision making. Having informative content would communicate better value to potential customers, converting would-be-buyers into definite customers.
  1. Local SEO: Improving your local SEO is another way to engage better with your target audience. If you are a local or regional business, maximizing local sales is essential to your success. Higher local SEO conversions are strong way to make that happen!
  1. Brilliant ROI: The biggest challenge in managing a small business is resource constraints. For the best return on investment, you want to get the most done with the least money. SEO is the most cost-efficient way for you to cover your most important business function: marketing! The sales leads brought in by SEO are much higher relative to other marketing techniques because you are not looking to go to the customer with your product, they are coming to you. These are buyers who are already searching for a product, your role is in convincing them through your content that your product or service can give them the value they are looking for.

By focusing on having a strong online presence, a small business can overcome many of the hurdles in establishing itself as an industry player as well as fast-tracking towards rapid growth.

In a time when the internet is part of everyone’s life, focusing on effective SEO marketing is the prime lifeline for small business in a competitive environment.

BCM’s SEO Capability

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How Small Businesses Compete With Giants Using SEO in UAE

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Originally Published September 17, 2018 12:00 AM, Updated June 1, 2019.

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