5 Types of Videos You Need To Achieve Business Goals in Dubai, UAE

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In the fast-paced world today, it’s critical to find new, interesting ways to market your product or service and make it stand against all other communication grabbing your audience’s attention.

Video has proven to be highly successful in helping businesses achieve more, which is why corporations are adopting video with unexpected speed.

When 84% of marketers adopted video to enhance their brands in 2017, it was an obvious indicator that the world of communication has completely shifted to prefer video over text.

Why Do I Need to Make Videos for My Business?

At the end of 2018, most platforms have been competing to attract marketers looking to use video to enhance their marketing, and it has resulted in stories on YouTube and IGTV for longer videos on Instagram.

> 52% of business marketing experts claim that video has the best ROI of all content types.
> 82% of brands said they found their prior investment in video to be successful or very successful.
> 90% of users find that product videos influence their decision process.
  • Video boosts your conversion rates. Consider video as an investment, because it has proven to increase conversion on landing pages by 80%! You can easily influence buying behavior and make your content memorable by presenting your content through a convincing presenter because it helps you convey the right emotions.
  • Video makes your email marketing campaigns more engaging. Getting your audience lists to actually open your email becomes more and more difficult by the day. With multiple experiments, experts have deduced that simply adding “video” in the subject line increases open rates and reduces the number of unsubscribes. Once the email is opened, it has proven to increase CTR by 200-300%, which makes it an absolute must for most email marketing campaigns. Because it’s easier to watch a video than to sit and read through text, it becomes an effective
    solution to demonstrate how someone can use your product or explain the value of your solutions. 
  • Search engine rankings improve. Search engines use video to conclude if your content is more engaging than your competition. Publications like Billboard and others include a summary of their daily posts through video to make sure their content is discovered more quickly. Because YouTube is the largest search engine after Google, it gives you a great advantage to find more visibility if you upload on YouTube as well as your website. Additionally, if you promote your video on social media, you make it almost impossible to be ignored by search engines.
  • Video builds credibility. As more users look to find all their solution online, there’s still a large population that believes online deals to be shady. For your company to show authenticity, video is the perfect method to connect with your audience and earn their trust. The use of videos can help you win against your competition and make more sales.

If you’re not already making videos, it’s time to start now because your efforts spent in other means of communication might make you irrelevant in your industry.

The question everyone asks is, “What type of video should I make for marketing my business?”


Well, check out these 5 quick types of videos to achieve your business marketing goals. 

1. Brand Video: To increase brand awareness

A brand video summarizes your company and its goals to viewers who haven’t heard of you before. Brand videos need to be interesting, tell a story, and captivate your audience to create excitement, motivation or curiosity about your business.

These brand videos can be also shared on social media content, used as commercials or to create brand awareness campaigns for online ads.


2. Overview Videos - To increases engagement and search result ranking

An overview video takes your interested audience a bit deeper into the products or services that you offer. These can include your company’s history and testimonials and are usually within 2 minutes in length to keep the audience engaged.

These videos perform best on your home page or landing page and are proven to increase your social shares and organic search ranking. Moreover, they decrease your bounce rate and increase the time viewers spend on your page, all of which are indicators for search engines to rank your pages higher than your competition.


3. Micro-Content Videos: To capture attention and drive traffic

74% of all online traffic is from video, and most of these videos exist on social platforms. Because of this high engagement rate, social engines push video on your audience’s feeds more than your text or image posts, increasing your chances to get your message across to more people.

Because of the small attention span, these videos perform best if they are under 30 seconds to capture your viewers’ interest. These are mainly used as sponsored video posts or digital ads.


4. Testimonial Videos: To increase trust

Testimonials are one of the most convincing video content to promote your business. An agency we've worked with, that produced 100% testimonial videos saw more than 60% new customers each quarter.

Because testimonial videos are the social proof of your offers being effective and beneficial in addressing the needs of a target audience, they become an essential form of accelerating your prospects through the conversion funnel. 


5. Product Videos or Explainer Videos: To give a deep insight

To fully win the trust of interested leads to purchase your product or service, you need to demonstrate the product in product videos that highlight their unique aspects.

‘Explainer’ videos demonstrate the features, benefits and effectiveness of your product or service. Help your customers dig deeper and evaluate factors like pricing and process, as well as the quality and usefulness. 


There are a lot more examples of corporate video productions that can help you achieve your business goals and help you stay ahead of your competition. 

From pre-produced content to live streaming, the increasing need to create new, fresh videos to constantly meet client expectations compels you to look for types of videos that will benefit your business without draining your budgets.

Our video production agency helps clients discover the right ideas for video strategy to promote your business and identify the best methods to use video, including website, social media, emails and more.

Contact us today for a free consultation and discuss your project with our video production experts.

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Originally Published October 3, 2018 12:00 AM, Updated February 19, 2019.

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